Do you believe that aliens exists and that they are most likely a lot like ourselves?

  • I believe in other life forms.

    There are other life forms on other planets, in my opinion that is for certain. But I do not know if they are the crazy freaky creatures in movies that we se today. They may be like humans beings, but they can certainly be another creature for all I know.

  • Yes, I do.

    I do believe that aliens exist. In fact, I think that the cosmos is teaming with alien life and in many cases it is very similar to ours. We have now found thousands of earth-like planets within the habitable zone of their stars, and with the size and scope of the cosmos, there are likely many planets with humanoid intelligence.

  • Yes: Human-like Aliens Most Likely Exist

    The universe is vast in both space and time, and science has pointed to the existence of alternate dimensions. Taken together, it seems likely that human like intelligence exists in other reaches of reality, or in parallel realities. There are also likely alien intelligences not like our own, which we may be altogether unable to interact with.

  • they are most likely...

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  • It's possible life exists, but I doubt they are like us.

    It is highly possible life exists on other planets, but it is probably different from us because the conditions of other planets are very different from Earth. Humans can't live on any of the plants that we know of without special devices to help us, so there would have to be biological differences.

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