• Yes, I believe that all human acts have some selfish aspect.

    All humans are selfish in one way or another no matter what you do there is always something small you wish to get out of it for yourself, I think it's just human nature to want to satisfy your selfish desire in one way or another, you may not even realize it until after you've commited the act.

  • Yes, Human nature is fundamentally selfish

    The ideas of the west that humans need instant gratification, are
    greedy and selfish may only apply to societies that allow this ideology
    to flourish and prosper. Theory says that human beings are made so that they can act only.
    Believe that all human beings have a self: the ego.

  • Yes, I think all human acts are selfish to a point.

    I think that all human acts have some selfish aspect. Even those who give to charity sometimes do it for the tax breaks it gives them. Some people who do favors for a friend only do it because they know that when the time comes they might have their friend do them a favor. I think it's only human to do something if we benefit from it some way.

  • Yes I Do

    I believe humans are self serving and they will always pick options that are more likely to serve their own interests. People do perform altruistic feats but they are very rare, in my opinion. I believe people look for what works in their favor even in situations where it can harm others.

  • Some people and acts transcend self-interest

    Sometimes acts are motivated out of pure compassion. A person feels another person's needs as if they were their own needs, and acts emotionally to help that other person. It is almost an impulsive action.

    One could argue that even this is motivated by the desire to feel good. I agree that the act makes the person feel good, and not doing it would feel bad, but that isn't THE REASON that the act is done.

  • No, I do not think all do

    I think there are some special people that do things out of the goodness of their heart. Its few and far between,but it does happen. If you think Mother Teresa was a selfish woman, you would be way off. She was the definition of kind,but there is also the opposite of that spectrum.

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