Do you believe that an elderly individual receiving Medicare should be eligible for replacement surgery?

  • Yes. I think cases should be reviewed individually.

    Yes. I think that elderly individuals currently receiving Medicare should be eligible for a replacement surgery, but only if they absolutely need it. Doctors are usually very quick to do a surgery, however I have seen cases where someone is able to rehabilitate their body to a point where a full replacement surgery is not needed. If tax payer dollars are being used for the replacement surgery, then everything should be done to avoid surgery first.

  • Absolutely; all life is worthwhile.

    Absolutely. There is no reason that we should ration care. Persons on Medicare still have many years of life ahead of them, and the fact that they are on Medicare instead of private insurance also shouldn't matter. Health care is a human right and we should not be in the business of denying it based on age or wealth.

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