Do you believe that antibiotics in animal feed are harmful to children who eat meat?

  • Not Only Children

    Antibiotics in animal feed harm people of all ages. What good can come from eating animals that are being fed unnatural feed? Pesticides have already been proven carcinogenic and antibiotics in animals are almost the same thing, but they are in animals. Why WOULD you want to eat something unnatural over something natural?

  • Don't give children unneccessary antibiotics

    I believe any chemicals or unnatural feeds given to animals can be harmful to children who eat meat, but particularly antibiotics. We preach to children all the time that you should never take unnecessary medications, then we give them second-hand antibiotics. Doctors are now saying that prescribing our children antibiotics too often can be harmful to them because they become immune and unable to fight diseases down the road. Surely, then, feeding them meat contaminated with unneccesary antibiotics is doing similar harm.

  • As long as it's cooked properly they should be fine

    Sometimes it's necessary to keep the animal from getting sick; however, overtime the animal becomes immune to it and a stronger dosage is required. The more antibiotics the animals are given the longer and harder it is to get it out of their systems. It shouldn't be required in their meals and should only be used when the animal is in need of it. As far as children are concerned, no. Unless the child is eating the meat raw or undercooked, the heat it takes to fully cook the meat should eliminate anything harmful and not be harmful for kids.

  • There are too many antibiotics!

    Since antibiotics were introduced in the 1950's, they have certainly saved many lives. Without penicillin and sulfa drugs, many more people would have dies from infection. Today, however, there is just too much exposure to antibiotics. They are in everything. While they were the wonder drug, they are being misused. Doctors have finally stopped giving them for everything, but it used to be a standard procedure to give and antibiotic for anything people had, even if it was viral. Now they are given to animal to prevent bacteria from entering the food chain. What this has done is increased bacterial resistance leaving children unable to use the antibiotics that were first generation drugs. They have to use stronger antibiotics for ear infections or other things and this just is not good. Antibiotics also kills off our healthy good gut bacteria that competes with bad bacteria for a place to live. If the good bacteria are gone, the bad bacteria take over. Antibiotics should stay out of our food so our bodies can do what they are supposed to so to fight an infection.

  • We are living longer because of science

    The idea of putting chemicals into our meat seems to put many people into a mode of panic. However, many of these people who raise a stink over this issue, aren't necessarily the healthiest and cleaners of eaters in other respects. For example, the person who may boycott meat from the store because of how the animals are fed, may choose other food on the shelf that is just as infiltrated with processed additives. Or, that person may end up dining at a restaurant that serves meat that is pumped with antibiotics anyway.

    The other argument I want to make that while many people claim that these antibiotics or chemicals are cancer-causing, I have yet to read any scientific articles that are conclusive of this; instead these articles are more on the side of being suggestive. But there are many variables in our life that could lead to cancer. And we may not figuring out these triggers for many years yet.

    But one thing is for certain. If you look at the mortality rate of human beings hundreds of years ago and even currently in 3rd World countries, the number is significantly lowered compared to what it is today in the United States and in other industrialized countries. So while we may get bent out of shape over some of unnatural ingredients our meat contains, I bet if we were to feed some of this "processed" meat to those starving children in 3rd world nations, mostly likely they would be healthier and hence, live longer.

  • Think of it this way.

    Would you rather kids eating meat with all of these diseases like ebola, cholera, smallpox and the like?What's wrong with feeding kids non-diseased meat? I'd much rather antibiotics in my food than freaking diseases. This is coming from a twelve year-old boy, who's eaten lots and lots of meat that has antibiotics, and i'm no cripple.Antibiotics in meat do nothing to children. Period

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