Do you believe that antisemitism is becoming prevalent as it was in the 1920's?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • The picture depicts neo nazi vandalism at a jewish cemetery

    I am deeply alarmed by the recent desecration of jewish cemeteries, the nationwide JCC bomb threats, as well as the antisemitic trolling that took place in White Fish, Montana. These events deeply concerned me, an out- of -the- closet philosemite, who absolutely loves jewish culture as well as jewish art. I feel that Homeland Security is failing the jewish community by ignoring these crucial chains of events, which occurred within months of each other, in various states, nationwide. I fear another Nazi germany-esque movenment arising in america despite the beautiful, social justice grass movements founded by fearless, jewish civil rights activists. Do you agree that the FBi, CIA as well as the local police, failed protecting the jewish
    community, and if so, what is your solution to quell neo nazi terrorism? I am currently reporting neo nazi activity to the Dept of homeland security as well as to local law enforcement. Do you believe my efforts will quell the hate as well as the extremism of neo nazis? I think "see something say something" will quell the efforts of disgusting neo nazis who seek to oppress the jewish community as adolf hitler did.

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  • Are you nuts?

    1920s? You mean like World War 2 where millions of Jews were murdered in concentration camps? That's absolutely ridiculous. Jews are one of the wealthiest demographics. A good bit of the world's billionaires and millionaires are Jewish. Sure, there are still people who hate Jews simply for being Jewish but the idea that it's anywhere near as bad as it was when Hitler was in power is ludicrous.

  • No, but is has been getting worse.

    With the rise of radical Islam, as well the vilification of Jews by a various of groups (Right and Left), it isn't easy as it was just ten to fifteen years ago to be Jewish. And not to mention the "watering down" of the term Nazi. Nazis were horrible people with horrible ideas, and it only hurts innocent people by calling anyone who disagrees with you one.

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