• Hand made art

    Best curve lines on any car I have seen. Sexiest machine on the road. Don't get me wrong Ferrari is ferrari, but I will choose Aston Martin over any Ferrari. That's my personal opinion. 2010 Vantage over any car. Sexy beast. Ferrari whoooooo, Aston Martin for me baby any given day.

  • The Pransing Horse Is Better

    Ferrari, only that name has more emotion than all british cars in history! Ferrari, the sound, design, history. Its like a super beaitifull woman that doesnt age. Aston martin is just a jaguar that costs more. I rather deive a gtr nissan than british garbage. Forzo Ferrari 4 Ever Loving Ferrari!!

  • They are both good, in their own ways.

    I think this question is impossible to answer fully because it depends on what the definition of better is.
    Both cars have areas where they are superior to the other, and some areas which are entirely up to personal taste. Both cars have their loyal fans who would argue their car is better.

  • No, I do not think so

    I love the style and grace of the older Aston Martins,but Ferrari has them beat. They put a car on the road that turns peoples head. If a Aston Martin drove by you might look,but if a Ferrari drove by, you would spin your head to see who was driving it.

  • Aston Martin does not make better cars than Ferrari, because Ferraris are handmade machines, not corporate branding.

    Ferrari automobiles have a reputation which goes beyond performance and price. Ferrari is synonymous with masculinity, force, and speed. Aston Martin is a rich playboy's car which does not have the same performance or hand-crafted value of Ferrari. Though Fiat owns a large stake of Ferrari, Aston Martin was owned by Ford until recently, and is currently owned by an investment group which does not have the same spirit of high-level auto making behind it.

  • No, Aston Martin doesn't make better cars than Ferrari.

    I like a lot of the cars that Aston Martin makes. But their quality and legacy no where near matches that of Ferrari. I would even say that Ferrari probably makes some of the best cars on the planet. Their history of quality is amazing. And they continue to be successful because of it.

  • Ferrari is better

    Believe that Ferrari makes better quality cars than Aston Martin. Ferrari makes rest cars as well does Aston Martin. They both are super luxury cars that are very expensive and only a select few consumers can afford to pay the high prices. But Ferrari beats out the company by their long history of craftsmanship.

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