• They have no morals.

    Yes, I believe that athletes who use steroids are immoral, because they know what the rules are and they do not follow them. Using a steroid, a person knows what the rules are and they are choosing not to follow them. They do not want to win on the merits of their abilities.

  • Yes,in sports they are

    I think in the medicine world they are fine,but when put into a sports field, they are immoral. I don't think they will ever be able to stop them,but they can try. Its just not going to happen anytime soon,but when it does, another kind of cheating will just be put out.

  • Athletes who use steroids are immoral

    Athletes who use steroids are immoral. This is because of the fact that using steroids is against the rules of all professional sports and games. The purpose of sports and games is to determine who is the best at the particular sport. This can't be achieved through cheating which using steroids is doing.

  • Athletes always want to have an edge.

    Steroids are just a means to an end. A particularly dangerous means but still just a means. They're no more immoral then blood doping. It's not a question of morality but a question of precedence. Is that the way that they want the sport to be played, with everyone jacked to the gills with everything they can just to get an edge? What have you really accomplished at the end of the day?

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