• They seem to be a big part of his sucess

    Imagine that, having a loving supportive family allows people to be who they were suppose to be. I can't speak for the family, as I was not there when Mr Crystal was younger. He obviously stuck to his guns and did not give into the thought, that he should just get a regular job like everyone else. His family must of had something to do with that.

  • No, I don't think Billy Crystal's family is the reason behind his success.

    While having connections and positively from your family will always be a net benefit I believe Billy Crystal was able to be so successful primary because of all the hard work he has put in and because of the large amount of talent that he has developed in many ways, so while his family most likely had a role in his success his rise is primary due to his own actions.

  • not at all

    no, i think that he has a whole lot of reasons behind his success, and one of them is a whole lot of talent. He is a really talented man, and has done a whole lot. he was even the last guest ever with the tonight show with jay leno.

  • Growing up around musicians doesn't make you a good comedian.

    Bill Crystal's family were well connected in the jazz world. His family constantly had famous jazz musicians as guests in their home. Despite his music industry background, Billy Crystal chose to seek a career in show business as comic entertainer. He became successful on his own merits and not by his family's connection.

  • No, Billy Crystal's family is not the reason

    Billy Crystal is an extremely talented individual with a strong ability to adapt to diversity in career demands. While his family may be a source of tremendous support, his abilities as an entertainer lie solely in his own talents and unique abilities as an accomplished actor as well as a stand up commedianne.

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