Do you believe that Carl Jung's views on introversion and extraversion are more accurate than Freud's?

  • Freud is outdated

    Freud, though a pioneer of his time and an important symbol for the psychoanalytical community, has not borne the years well - at least in terms of his theories. Jung was far more accurate in theories of introversion and extroversion in human development, far more so than sexual stage theories.

  • Yes, Jung developed Freud's theories to a deeper level.

    Carl Jung understood that energy is what is important in terms of human development and that introverts take their impetus from within while extroverts need the people around them to give that energy. His theory helps us better understand how we function and is much more accurate and practical than the theory of Freud.

  • Jung Built on Freud's Work

    Carl Jung first coined the terms introversion and extraversion. He believed introverts concentrate on their inner psyches while extraverts focus on external objects. His theories are basically correct and later expounded upon to include introverts as ones who don't socialize as much. Extraverts are very sociable and like being around people.

  • There is some truth to it.

    Yes, I believe that Carl Jung's views regarding introverts and extroverts are largely true, because some of the aspects are true. It is probably true that introverts lack social confidence. It is also probably true that extroverts are superficial. They are just stereotypes, of course, but as generalizations, there is probably some truth in them.

  • Freud was right

    No, I believe that Freud's views were more correct, and that his ideas were more accurate than most psychologists. He spent his entire life studying the human mind and how it works, and his works continue to be taught in schools and universities across the country, making him more accurate.

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