Do you believe that child molestation statistics show a real picture of the number of cases?

  • Yes, I do.

    When it comes to child molestation, the data are usually spot on. The reason for this is because child molestation is taken very seriously and monitored very closely. And it gets better and better each years. I'm glad the statistics are widely available and easy to access for all people.

  • Child molestation is so wide spread

    Child molestation is so wide spread in the world and their are so many incidents that don't even get reported. So the numbers showing a lot of cases may not even be accurate based on how many people actually report. But statistics do a great job of just painting a picture for you so that people can be informed.

  • No, they do not

    I think most people want these cases hush. I know I wouldn't want my child dragged through anything that could hurt him in the long run of his life.The child has already been through enough, letting him be hurt anymore, is not something I want at all,its all about the future health of the little one.

  • I do not bealive that child molestation statisitcs show a real picture of the number of cases.

    I disagree that the child molestation statistics that are currently out show a true picture of the number of cases there are. Many times we only hear of the major cases and the millions of small and local cases get brushed under the rug and we dont get a true picture of how much of a problem this is in our society.

  • Many Child Molesters Don't Get Caught

    Many child molesters don't get caught and don't get charged with crimes. That means statistics don't show a real picture of the number of cases. Statistics only bear out certain cases that have been prosecuted. Victims often don't speak out until later in life. Some victims simply don't remember the crime due to repressed memories. Molestation statistics don't tell the whole story.

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