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  • Yes,I believe college athletes should be paid.

    Yes,I think college athletes should be paid.They make millions and millions of dollars for their respective schools and there is no reason why they can not reap the rewards of that.Whwn they only get a scholarship,they could get hurt and not see any financial benefit for it.If they get some type of stipend then at least they could make the decision about saving.

  • College football is big money.

    Colleges make huge amounts of money off of their football programs through ticket sales, and merchandising. The students attending those colleges on scholorships, run the risk of possibly injuring themselves for life. The cost of the education they receive is not enough to justify this risk. They should be compensated with pay.

  • Leaning That Way

    They just bring in so much money to universities across the country. They should be at least compensated enough to send some money to their families, as many of them come from poor families. Many of them do not go pro. That could also help on easing the burden on government assistant programs.

  • No. Why? Because.

    Major brands like Nike would pay top football and basketball talent at the biggest schools, While student-athletes in other sports or at smaller programs would be ignored. Currently, Corporate funds go to athletic departments and are generally distributed among all sports; with third-party payments, Those funds could instead mostly go directly to a few student-athletes, Starving the rest. Also they get scholarships.

  • Absolutely Not - No Pay To Play

    I have no problem with providing college athletes with full scholarships, which should include their books and dorm rooms or any other required educational expense. However, I am old enough - and Okie enough - to well remember when the Oklahoma University football team members found themselves showered with money and gifts from alumni - including a brand new red Corvette for every starting player. Other college students - including those with genius level minds in their fields - are expected to pay their way through school, shoulder crippling student loans, or (here's a dirty four letter word for you) WORK their way through college as well as cope with their studies. Athletes just are not that special - like the other students, they are there to get an education and that education should come before games - be it WoW or football.

  • No, college athletes should not be paid.

    I think that college athletes should not be paid. People who go to college on sports scholarships already have their tuition being paid for by the college, as well other expenses like boarding. I do not think that colleges should also then pay these students. Their participation in their sports programs are the reason the colleges are giving these people scholarships.

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