Do you believe that doctors schedule planned Caesarean sections to avoid lawsuits?

  • It is a good idea

    Why would C sections not be scheduled ahead of time? Planned C sections are helpful to both parents, as they know what to expect and when to expect it, avoids possible complications, which leads to infant death and malpractice suits, and helps the mother avoids pain and long stays in the hospital.

  • They are too cautious.

    Yes, I believe that doctors schedule planned Caesarean sections to avoid lawsuits, because they are very cautious about lawsuits. To confirm this theory, one only need to look at how prevalent Caesarean sections are in the United States as compared to other countries that do not have as many lawsuits. It is not always what is healthiest for the mother.

  • It's Not For Lawsuits

    Given that I was one of the unfortunate people that went into labor while my doctor was on vacation on Florida, I believe there are two reasons why doctors schedule planned Caesarean sections, neither are good reasons. My first theory is that the woman asks for it, out of convenience. My second theory is the doctor prefers this to being woke up in the middle of the night to deliver a baby.

  • No, doctor's should not schedule Caesarean sections unless needed.

    No, the decision to perform a Caesarean section, which is a surgical procedure, should only be planned based off of medical need. It is a risky procedure for both the fetus and the mother, and the risks should be weighed against the risk of having a standard vaginal childbirth. Planning the Caesarean section too far in advance will not take into account all of the possible factors that may impact the fetus and mother.

  • C-Sections Save Lives

    Caesarian sections save lives on a daily basis. The procedures save the lives of the mother and babies. It's not to avoid lawsuits. Sometimes having a C-section simply avoids complications. Yes, rehabbing from the procedure can be rough. But modern medicine makes things easier than before regarding such surgery. C-sections are increasingly necessary to keep the mother and baby alive before things get out of hand during a vaginal birth.

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