Do you believe that E. J. Dionne should have been the featured speaker at the Westminster Town Hall?

  • E.J. Dionne is just fine being the featured speaker

    E. J. Dionne has his voice heard twice a week. His column is read by hundreds of thousands of people. Having him as a speaker at the Westminster Town Hall meeting was not a mistake. He has earned respect as a political analyst and as a journalist. Just because he doesn't agree with someone should not be the reason he is denied such an honor.

  • It Was Ok

    I don't think too much can be said for E.J. Dionne's speaking role at the Westminster Town Hall meeting. I assume some people benefited from it but I think it would have been more productive with a different speaker. Overall I would say it was a weak choice, but it sufficed.

  • Yes he should

    yes, I think that this man would have done a whole lot better of a job at giving a speech than the man that they had up there. I think that they should have though their choice through a whole lot more before they just up and left him out.

  • No, E.J. Dionne should not have been a featured speaker.

    E.J. Dionne's ideology would have been something that would have been seen as a bias display. I think that he should just stick to journalism and leave things like an event at the Westminster Town Hall for those who want to have a constructive debate. Meetings at Town Halls should be for the community.

  • That would have been a bad thing.

    No, I don't believe that EJ Dionne should have been the featured speaker at the Westminster Town Hall. While the man's columns are thought provoking, there are a lot of people out there who get angry when they have to think. By attending such a high profile event among a politically angry crowd, he would have been in danger.

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