• English and History classes are more necessary than many people might beleive.

    English and History are critical subjects of study for developing minds. Literature and History degrees are often seen as less than viable in respect to career paths. Even if the pursuit of such a degree will translate into limited job opportunities, they are important components of a school's curriculum. Effective communication and the understanding of past triumphs and tragedies are fundamental lessons for anyone even in the most simplest existence. A student geared towards any and all educational paths can only benefit and grow by providing these necessary classes.

  • Yes, I believe that English and History classes are necessities.

    I believe that giving someone a well rounded education includes English and History, it's very important to be able to use the English language in a professional way and History is important because History always ends up repeating itself in one way or another so learning about what happened is very important.

  • Yes, it's important to learn from the past.

    History and English are absolutely necessary to help people understand why things are the way they are today. Without English, many people around the world would not be able to communicate. We need to teach this to our children as we want them to learn from the mistakes made by our previous generation, so that we may learn and strive as a global whole.

  • Yes I do

    I do believe that English and History classes are necessities. While History may not be that important to getting a job or anything, it is something that is good to know. English on the other hand needs to be taught because people need to learn how to properly communicate with on another.

  • Yes, I believe that English and History classes are necessities.

    Yes, I believe that English and History classes are necessities. English classes are important so that students learn to speak properly, along with reading. History is important because it teaches us about the past, where we came from, how we got here and what we need to do to continue to prosper.

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