Do you believe that environmentally induced illnesses are imagined or made up by an individuals' brain?

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  • No, I do not believe that environmentally induced illnesses are imagined or made up by an individuals brain.

    It is my opinion that environmentally induced illness is a very real condition. We live in a society where we are constantly inundated by adverse effects from our environment. Pollution can lead to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Exposure to chemicals in everyday items can be linked scientifically to numerous cancers. The foods we eat are sprayed with harmful pesticides. All of these factors indicate that the threat of environmentally induced illness is very real.

  • No: Environmentally Induced Ilnesses are Real

    If you want to know the answer to this question, look at the babies born in Fallujah after the US invasion of Iraq, or the children in Vietnam whose mothers were exposed to Agent Orange, produced by Monsanto, the chemical company which also created the harmful herbicide Roundup used widely today. Of course elements such as toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, can cause illness. Often these illnesses are not as dramatic as the ones I have mentioned, but they can still lead to long term, chronic conditions.

  • Environmentally induced illness is a new fad

    The idea of an environmental induced illness is a recent fad. Our grandparents did not suffer from these. They accepted that life was not easy, and made the most of what they had. People are looking for excuses and someone else to blame. It is far easier to blame the environment that you have no control over rather than own tup to lifestyle or behavior decisions on your own part.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I don't care for people trying to explain away others problems due to a faulty mind. I think this is generally unfair because the person doesn't have first hand experience and they are trying to negate the persons problem by sweeping it under a rug. If we can find the sources of these problems, then we clearly need to study them further so we can get concrete and scientific answers.

  • Environmentally induced illnesses are not imagined or made up by an individuals' brain.

    Environmentally induced illnesses are just that - environmentally induced. They are not psychosomatic in any way. We are surrounded by toxic and carcinogenic substances in our environment and our bodies and cells are not equipped to deal with some of these substances. Asbestos is a perfect example of a dangerous substance we learned about too late.

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