• Women Have The Right

    Women have the right to do as they please when it comes to these issues, and it doesn't matter whether it is Eugene Robinson's wife or anybody else's for that matter. If a woman is unhappy in a relationship, then she has the right to leave that relationship and pursue happiness.

  • Not sure who he is

    Just thought I would way in anyway. Everyone has the right to divorce anyone, if they are not happy. It does not mean Eugene Robinson did anything wrong. It just means that his wife is not feeling the sparks anymore. She needs to move on to get that hunger for satisfaction back.

  • Yes, Eugen Robinson's wife has the right to divorce him.

    I think that in a free country, a man or a woman should always have the right to divorce the person they are with regardless of their reasoning. I think that some situations may not be the most admirable circumstance for the person wanting the divorce, but as long as they are not breaking the law, it is their right..

  • yes she does

    Yes, if she does not want to be with him then there is not a thing that says she can not get her things and leave and get a divorce. the laws have a way that any person can go and get a divorce from the person they are with.

  • Divorce should be illegal anyway

    Why does divorce exist in the first place? At what point did we reach this throwaway, consumerist culture, where we take what we want and toss it aside the second it no longer interests us? Forget the nuances of the situation, and consider the serious ramifications of the culture we've created through divorce. Marriage has no meaning, no value anymore. Human happiness -- human life -- has no real value. Is that not the greater tragedy here?

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