Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

  • Too much of a coincidence

    I've had many things happen to me that go beyond coincidence. My son is graduating HS this year and I've coached his baseball team for years. Last year I made only a few games as my job had me traveling every week. I was laid off right before baseball season this year and I've enjoyed every game of his last season before college. I am not a big religious person but believe my late dad had something to do with this as he loved watching my son play baseball and this is his way for me to enjoy his last season before he heads to college. I will find another job but he is a senior only once.

  • There's something bigger at work

    Might not be "fate" but there is a reason behind every action, even if we are not aware of it. Everything is connected in some way or another. Find it, explore it and trust that everything is going to end the way it needs to. It's not always a positive end but it's the end that was needed.

  • Everything happens for a reason

    God put us here on this planet and has a place for all of us. We naturally assume that if we do a good deed God will return and give us something nice and help us out. Give us opportunities. Like they say for dating there are many fish in the sea.

  • Everything Happens For a Reason...After All, We Are Here

    Just think about it for a moment...To the moment that your biological mother was getting impregnated with you. If exactly everything was the same in that moment, and the exact same sperm entered into her body, what would be the chance of you getting created? Perhaps, one in a trillion. Now, that is not even regarding all of the things that could have happened during your mother's pregnancy. Anyways, what is the chance that your mother would have been born? That your father? That your 327th great grandmother? And what is the likelihood that they would've met that specific person, out of millions and millions of people? What is the likelihood at all, that this universe was created? Everything...Everything, is a miracle. If one thing wasn't right, then everything would be different. If ONE person didn't have ONE child with another person (which is a miracle as it is) from 2,000 years ago, then it is possible that about 1/4th of the people currently on earth wouldn't have been born. It's simply amazing.

  • Everything happens for a reason

    Nothing is simply coincidence. Circumstances are not merely random, and if you are able to look back in time at the series of events, you can see how they fit together perfectly. Everything happens for a reason. If it is meant to be, it will be and I trust that.

  • Everything happens for a reason

    Nothing is simply coincidence. Circumstances are not merely random, and if you are able to look back in time at the series of events, you can see how they fit together perfectly. Everything happens for a reason. If it is meant to be, it will be and I trust that.

  • Meant to be

    I lost my dog last year to cancer. Overwhelmed with grief. Came out the gym 4 days ago and saw a woman I haven't seen for a year. She had same breed puppy in her car-said it needed rehoming. Needless to say I'm having it! It happened for a reason!

  • It's God's Will

    I really don't know how else I should put it. I know many of you aren't religious but I know you must at least believe there is a God and he exist. In simpler words, if you there is a hell then there must be a heaven. Nothing else to say. Have a good day!

  • Life is planed for the best

    No matter what religion we aren't here to live freely. We are all practically put on the earth by something and my guess it is like a puppet master... Holy crap I'm going crazy . K bye. Lol I'm stupid . I don't even know anymore. I'm in luv .

  • I believe that everything happens for a reason

    Things happen for a reason, but you have the CHOICE to ignore it or not. It's something that I've believed in for a while. I've met a really important person in my life, I survived when I shouldn't have, and my parents didn't move so I could actually do the things I needed to do here. Also, there have been smaller things, things that have just worked out out of the blue, when everything lined up

  • Random events are a part of reality

    From quantum mechanics to the lottery, random events do happen. Sure, many events do stem from a specific cause, but certainly not all, and this question was phrased with the key word "everything". Some may argue that the universe follows some grand plan, but what is that plan? Where is the evidence for it?

  • Things Happen, people react

    I believe in the God of the Holy Bible. I believe that the Bible is the sole revealed will of God. The Bible teaches that God's plan for man will be victorious at the end of time. God does not cause bad things to happen, the Devil does. God has given us a way to be reconciled to him. The Bible teaches that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Conversely, it would be logical to assume that bad things happen to the just and the unjust. How we respond to the events of life, good and bad, determines our outcome. Things happen to all, by chance, but how we react to these things is up to us. We are "free moral agents", and can determine how we will respond. We are not robots, guided without our will by some unseen power. That is not Biblical in any sense.

  • No

    When I think about what "things" represents I think of everything I possibely can. Not just life changing events. Than I think about what would be an acceptable reason in this context. Every action has a cause in some way shape or form but I don't believe there is a lesson behind everything. Sometimes children die because the die. Its sad, and I wish I had super powers so I can help prevent it as much as i can but I dont. Sometimes things happen just because the do.

  • It may happen for a reason, but it's probably not the one you instinctively latched on to!

    When we say that things happen for a reason, we are usually referring to there being some grand plan or purpose for us, written in the stars long before our birth. We speak of fate, of destiny, of karma, of events predetermined and predestined, that old chestnut "it was meant to happen!"

    Iadopt my stance because, although I used to believe that God did have a plan for me, that I was meant to be with that certain someone, or that the car crashed for a reason that was not immediately apparent and clear to me but would eventually reveal itself, we now know enough to admit to ourselves that events may take place for a reason (in the scientific sense), insofar as they are the result of a series of causes and effects, of chance, of accident, and that we are a species that needs to derive meaning.

    Inow view this position (the one which contradicts my current one) as a bit of a evolutionary coping mechanism, something which has served its purpose, it has offerred us comfort and hope in our times of need. It helps to think this way (especially when we are vulnerable or utterly overwhelmed by something), it enables us to face terrible diasters and loss, it helps us to justify certain actions and make sense of them, but I think the time has come to accept that terrible things happen to good people and fantastic things can happen to those who might be deemed less deserving and viceversa, that the fact that some things might be likely or probable does not make them inevitable, that we must face up to our responsibilities and to our reality, because, to borrow Darwin's words, "there is grandeur in this view of life"!

  • Humans have reasons, the universe does not

    When a tornado hits a town we begin to think there must be a reason this happened. As if it was planned with some goal in mind. This is a classic example of finding order out of chaos, like seeing shapes in the clouds or a face on a burnt piece of toast. Thinking creatures like us have plans and reasons, the matter and energy that makes up the universe however doesn't think it has no reason or ultimate goal.
    We've evolved to find patterns, a shaking bush might have a predator, the booming of thunder means a storm is approaching so find shelter, smoke means fire, a bunch of animals running in one direction means danger is in the opposite. Those of us better able to see the patterns survived and reproduced those who couldn't see them were not likely to live long. We are a pattern seeking animal living in a world full of chaos. Like a dog chasing it's own tail we will continue to try and find the meaning behind it all but we will never reach that goal.

  • I don't believe everything happens for a reason

    For starters, I don't believe this simply because there are way too many variables in life to be already decided. I believe that we sometimes recognize that we don't actually have to do certain things; therefore we choose something else. There are a lot of lessons to be learned, and we can pick up on that and change our minds for the better. It's ok to accept the way things happen but we can ALWAYS CHANGE.

  • I believe facts are facts, And that is it.

    People shape there own lives, So your telling me, The person that sits home all day and does nothing, That is happening for a reason? What reason is that? They are sitting at home because they choose too, Point made. Sometimes things happen for a reason, Others times they don't is what I believe.

  • The argument itself is a Paradox

    Because there is no full prove for either side the argument itself happens for no reason proving not everything happens for a reason. Which making it reason that this debate exist.

    Mostly everything in world can be explained with science in some form or fassion but there are some things we just can't explain so if we can't explain something its proof that not everything happens for a reason

  • Nothing happens for a reason

    I stop believing in that in 2012. I stop believing in that in 2012.

    If it happens, then there is no reason. People are so blind to the fact because it help them go on. But the truth is, there is no reason. I don't need to argue that. You can't prove nor disapprove .

  • No things don't happen for a reason.

    Think about it, when do you hear that phrase, WHEN YOU HAVE A JOYFULLY EXPERIENCE???NO...Only when there's death, destruction, or pain.
    It's a cop out, when nobody can comfort an undeserving person experiencing bad things. Just like , " I know how you feel". No you don't, it's impossible. Big plan ?, god,?.. Who proved either exhist.?, anything nobody has a logical answer for, they push on God, with the * he works in mysterious ways,* so does the tooth fairy. I understand people savoring and waiting for the big deserving heavenly end. Me personally, realize, it's a live for the moment life. I don't base my life on a story. I base it on reality. For example, It isn't * just cause you don't see it,doesn't mean it's not there.
    ..The FACT is,,,if you don't see it with your own eyes, don't believe it.

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