• Yes, evolution should be taught in schools.

    I definitely think that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools. Even if you don't agree with it, it is important that such theories are taught so that people can make up their minds themselves. As long as something is labeled as a theory instead of fact, I agree with it.

  • Our best theory

    Evolution is the best scientific theory explaining life on Earth, and it should be taught, although it should always be presented as theory and not fact. Teaching intelligent design is nonsense, because there is no scientific proof for it or even a valid theory, and given that a majority of Americans are Christian, most are well aware of what it consists of, and it is not worthy of schools.

  • Yes, it does

    Evolution education belongs in every educational system in the world. Why? Because it is an indisputable scientific fact, and if we want our kids to be scientifically literate and understand the world as it is, evolution is an important part of that. Whether evolution is a fact is not up for debate. It's been proved already.

  • yes it does

    yes, i think that the learning of the way that the organisms on this earth that all came from evolution needs to be taught in the schools across the US. I think that the ways that all of the things here were actually made is an important thing to know.

  • Plenty of evidence for it

    It is the single best explanation we have for how complex life gradually altered and how the millions upon million of species around today became what they were. This is not a theory of how life started, it is not a theory of how the universe was created. It is only a "scientific theory" not "theory" of how life diversified on this planet.

  • Definitely, Evolution is needed in the schools.

    Evolution is an important part of science literacy. It's not a question of religion, it a question of understanding the world around you.
    Besides, if your afraid a high school science text book will ruin your faith in your god, maybe you need to evaluate your beliefs and the strength of them.

  • Theory V Hypothesis

    Evolution is a working theory that is substantiated by observation. The desire to not teach it, is for protection of a hypothesis that mankind were made special, outside of the forces that cause the rest of life to manifest its different form. There is a certain amount of deductive reasoning required to understand what is happening in the real world. If children are taught that kind of reasoning, they will soon find fault in religions. The ideas of evolution are susceptible to deductive reasoning. Evolution happens everywhere, but religious objection to it does not. Already we can see that evolution has more a universal applicability. As such it should be taught as one of the underpinnings of our lives. When a universally applicable creation theory, that works, and can be used to modify our lives, as evolution is, is developed and peer reviewed, it should also be taught alongside evolution, to encourage the individual student to stretch their minds.

  • It is a religious issue.

    No, I do not believe that evolution education belongs in any school system, because that is something that churches and parents should handle, rather than schools. Evolution is too much of a hot button of an issue. Schools should spend their time talking about science upon which we all agree. There are too many other things to teach.

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