• Evolution is Factual:

    Evolution explains the complexity of all living creatures and how they developed through Genetic Drift, Mutation, Natural Selection and Genetic Recombination. It explains why our organs function as they do and how they developed from different functions in previous forms of existence (species) such as the Jaw Bone of fish and reptiles becoming our small bones for hearing.
    There is nothing else that gives such detailed explanations for life and all it's variations like Evolution.
    Creationism provides none of the explanations that Evolution does.
    In fact Creationists know nothing about Evolution, they are entirely Ignorant of Evolution.
    That is why Creationism is simply an Argument From Ignorance Fallacy!

  • You got anything but the Bible

    No one disbelieves in evolution on any grounds but religious ones. This should speak for itself. Evolution has not only be found in fossils, but scientists have recreated it, they have made evolution occur. Evolution is observable, repeatable and is backed up by mountains of evidence and thus disbelieving in it is irrational and plain ignorant

  • Why Evolution is Real

    First off, there is more evidence supporting evolution. The only evidence backing up creationism is the fact that the Bible is "the true Word". Evolution was shown when Lucy was discovered way back when. Even now, people still say that that discovery was a hoax. I am sick and tired of people being brainwashed into religion. I do sort of believe there is a heaven, but not enough to fear it.

  • Yes, here's proof

    In the inland sea in Japan, there were crabs who had curious markings on their backs that resemble a samurai's face. All the fisherman in the area thought these were sacred and when catched them, they throw them back in the sea. As time went on, they soon discovered that all there was an over population of these crabs and all other crabs became scarce. If you were a crab with these markings, you had a much better chance of survival. It's called artificial selection. This occurs all the time in nature. The strong survive. The weak die off. Evolution is not a theory it's a fact!

  • It's hard to argue against.

    Evolution is based on facts and evidence. If evolution wasn't true, that would mean every animal that ever existed was all on earth at the same time. That wouldn't really work. However, unlike most people, I believe in evolution AND creationism at the same time. I think God created the earth and animals, but that doesn't mean evolution is false.

  • Evolution is supported.

    I believe in evolution because it has been around and studied since Darwin's book in 1859 and even before that. Various branches of science show evidence of evolution. Biology is the obvious example. There is a lot of information known about the relations of species to each other and their adaptations. In addition, geologists find fossils of species that are clearly ancestors of modern species. Also, anthropologists know about the history of humans before they were homo sapiens.

  • Both true and unproven

    I do not deny that there is evidence for evolution, but at the same time we cannot prove it with absolute certainty. Unless we travel back in time to the moment of creation, we will never truly know how the human race came to be. All we can do is speculate.

  • Evolution is a Fact

    If you don't think it's true then look at these.
    The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins

    I hope this will be enough to convince deniers of evolution that it is true.

  • Evolution is true

    Although we cannot see it with our own eyes and probably because it takes so long for evolution to occur, evolution seems to be true. There are many pieces of evidence that prove that evolution is true, such as the idea of cavemen that have evolved into what we are now. There are also parts found in animals that display evolution as well, such as in whales who seem to have bones for back legs.

  • Well, yes. Alternative anyone?

    Doesn't matter weather you believe in evolution or not, evolution has happened, it is real and it happens in many different fields in life. Even in our life time we have seen how evolution happens, swine flu, a swine flu virus EVOLVED so it could infect humans. Really paranoid people will tell you that it was engineered, but response is, WOW, someone was bad in making good viruses. Lets say evolution isn't real, whats the alternative? God made everything? Is pure BELIEF (check dictionary of a word belief) really better then the FACTS (check the dictionary) that science provides you with?

  • I believe in the Lord.

    Evolution isn't true. If you believe in evolutions apparently you haven't read the Bible. God created everything on this Earth. Even humans. Jesus Christ died for our sins. He rose again. He will rise again one day. We will all see him face-to-face. If you don't know him as your savoir. You WILL go to hell.

  • GOD made us

    In the book of Genesis it says that God created man in his image. I believe that God created us. Evolution doesn't exist. Because evolution is a process that takes time. It takes millions and millions of years for a species of animals following evolve. The time frame seems too short.

  • Anyone who has looked at the facts can tell

    There is no evidence to support evolution, with the exception of micro-evolution (change within species). The idea that one species can change into another entirely different species is ridiculous! There is no recorded evidence of witnessing one species become another. There are no fossil records showing something that was part way through becoming another species, which, apparently, took so long that many generations would have come and gone before the change was complete. Tell me, how would they reproduce while they were neither one species nor the other?
    The idea seems plausible at surface level, but if you start to dig into the cellular biology part of it you discover that evolution is not only an unproven theory, it is actually entirely and absolutely impossible! May I discreetly add that Charles Darwin himself said that his theory was most likely wrong? See, he was unable to study cells like we can today, and therefore his theory seemed a little more likely. But how about the fact that evolutionists think that dinosaurs died out, what, 65 million years ago? That was the number last time I checked. They may have changed it again. But how about the scientists who found living bone marrow inside a dinosaur bone? Bone marrow can't survive for 65 million years inside a dead animal! Anyway, that's my opinion, but you can never convince me that evolution is true unless you have real solid evidence. I said evidence, by the way. I don't want your "what" and "when", I want your "why" and "how".

  • This is not TRUE!!!!!

    I am 12 years old and I LOVE the Lord with all my Heart, Soul and Mind! The people who are objecting just think how silly you sound! It says in Genesis God made you. Stop Being Silly you are adults for goodness sake. Evolution is NOT REAL!! There is no proof what so ever. If evolution is real why aren't monkeys at the zoo all the sudden turning into HUMANS.

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