• Yes, of course it's a horrible practice

    Female genital mutilation is a backward tradition that is both disgusting and torturous. It is a heinous act of violence and has no place, nor did it ever, on this planet. It should be a crime punishable by execution. The women and girls who suffer the horrendous act are physically and mentally scarred for life, some die from infection or other complications. It is a terrible practice.

  • Yes: Femaile Genital Mutilation Should Be Illega

    The kind of trauma that this violence inflicts should not be underestimated. No person, man or woman, should have to undergo mutilation, in spite of cultural traditions. The practice needs to be phased out, and banned altogether so that these women have a chance of living life as whole and healthy human beings.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe that female genital mutilation should be illegal. This practice is archaic and doesn't belong in modern society. I do not believe any one should exercise control over a women like that nor should they be allowed to scar them in such a way. I believe this practice is best left in the past.

  • Female Genital Muiltation

    I personally think that female genital mutilation should be banned because it is an inhumane, cruel and antiquated practice that has no place in 2012. Children should never be subjected to such a horrifying experience that is certain to scar them well into their adulthood. Those who perform this practice should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • What a female does with her body is her business.

    I believe that female genital mutilation should be no more illegal than the piercing of ears. Both are permanent body modifications. What I would not approve of is mandatory procedures of this nature required by a religious body. The woman should have the choice of whether she wishes to have such a procedure done. If that is really what she wants to do, fine. However, if she is coerced in any way, that should be illegal.

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