• There is footage

    Yes, I do believe that this plane actually did hit the Pentagon. The reason I think this is because there was footage shown of the Pentagon after it had been hit, showing the plane stuck into a corner of the building, where some people were actually hurt in the process.

  • The Pentagon was Hit by Flight 77

    Flight 77 actually struck the Pentagon building, much to the disagreement of conspiracy theorists. The fact it, there is no other logical explanation. If it wasn't Flight 77, where are all of those people? Continuing to drag up this tired theory is upsetting and rude to the families of those who lost their loved ones to this tragic accident, and aren't coming back.

  • Yes I Do

    I do believe Flight 77 actually struck the Pentagon building. I was a senior in high school in 2001 and spent the day watching the news at my work-study locations. There is no reason to believe that this flight did not strike the building as history tells it. There is nothing suspicious about this detail.

  • There was evidence.

    I believe that Flight 77 actually struck the Pentagon building, because there are many eyewitnesses. Visual evidence is the best evidence, and many people were there to witness it. Also the victims' bodies exist and they have not been heard from again. The videos have been seen by many people on TV. This is enough evidence to conclude that it happened.

  • There is shady evidence.

    There is some really shady evidence about Flight 77 and what happened at the Pentagon. The most crucial piece of evidence is that there was absolutely no evidence that the plane was there. There were no parts of the plane left in the debris and no luggage. How is that possible?

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