• How is the world made then?

    Where did the earth came from? How was it made? How did human come from? There are so much questions that can't be answered and it is not right to just say 'I don't know this... Anyway it is not made by god' and jump to conclusions. This is my opinion.

  • How can he not?

    I personally believe God exists based off of the fact that anything exists at all. I don't see how the universe and everything in it could have occurred from absolutely nothing at all. I don't know which narrative of God I believe in yet and I probably never will, but I feel as if there must be a God, or some creator to the universe. I also believe in God due to the law of attraction, which is very real. I don't see how a law as great as that can exist on unintentionally. I've seen this law work in my life and other people's life. Anyone who says it does not work for them is doing something wrong. But regardless of whether one acknowledges God or not, just be the best human you can be to other humans and living things as you can be. Just because someone believes in God doesn't mean much. You can believe in God and still not gain favor in his sight. Or you can believe in God and have an unfulfilled life. So at the end the day, just do you. I know I jumped everywhere, but this is how I feel.

  • So how was the earth created?

    If god does not exist, how was the earth created? An asteroid hitting earth and earth was formed? I believe that happened. But you may have 80% of a picture and can roughly tell the picture is an elephant. But without the other 20%, you cant tell whether the elephant was stepping on a man or on a ball. The point is yes big bang created first but what caused the asteroid to hit earth? Gravity. Who controlled gravity to cause the asteroid to hit earth? Oh no one did its just luck. I question the opposing team if god does not exist, how did the asteroid form earth?

  • One can believe anything exists.

    It is easy to simply believe something exist especially when told the outline of something. Proving it exists is something else. But anyone can imagine something in their own minds and exist in their own minds without the existence of proof. A better questions would be can anyone prove God exist?

  • Then why does even the Bible contradict itself?

    Genesis 1 and 2 are good examples of how the Bible, the main teaching of the Church, contradicts itself. It talks of how everything was made over the course of a week, while 2 talks of how man and animal were made at the same time. Discrepency? Also, how can you believe something that is not visible and will not answer if you call. Thats just my opinion though.

  • Religion and God is defined by me, as purely human imagination with a touch of peer pressure.

    These two questions (answered) will directly disprove god.

    1) Why are all of the gods either male or female and not any other unique gender?

    ANSWER: Because the only genders known to mankind on planet Earth are males and females. But, there are unicellular organisms with no gender, or some alien species which has a unique gender. Therefore, religion and god is man-made using man’s imagination, since the only genders known to mankind are male and female, hence there are only gods and goddesses, and not any other unique gendered gods.

    2) Why does your “god” let the idea of atheism exist? Why doesn’t he or she just show him or herself so everyone can worship them?

    ANSWER: Because there is no “god”. It’s all fairytales and fake hope given to the poor by the rich to control them, so the poor don’t get their hands on more money and compete with the rich. Which explains why more poor people are more religious than rich people. I don’t see Einstein, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, Nikolai Tesla, Elon Musk go to church every Sunday, because they are all atheists who know facts and actuality rather than believing in fairytales to explain the universe, which apparently satisfies the weak minded. And also, the all famous argument which satisfies most weak minded people: “We don’t know how the universe is created, therefore GOD.” I mean we didn’t know how iPhones are made until someone invented them. In the same way, science doesn’t have the answer to how the universe was created as of now, but soon will as the right person isn’t born yet to discover how the existence of our universe ought to be.

    There are countless more questions (answered), but again the weak minded people will easily buy into fairytales such as Santa clause and tooth fairy, but the strong minded people know their facts from fiction.

  • I'm only saying no because I'm in-between.

    I'm agnostic, which means I am not committed to the belief that there is or is not a god. I personally do not live by the phrase "seeing is believing" but I do believe that based on what HAS been seen, which has inspired most, if not all, scientific research, it is highly unlikely that God exists. However, science has not led us to determine what causes hiccups, or why we dream. This could mean that God does exist - but God's existence is simply not able to be proven because we do not have the information for it. It is said that not all of the world's oceans have been explored, so it is quite possible that in the near future, we could come across a new species of aquatic mammal or an interesting fish. If that is true, then, can it not be said that we could uncover evidence that God does or does not exist? Truthfully, I hope that we never really find out, so that both those who do believe in God and those who do not can continue with their beliefs.

  • I belive that God could be Thor

    As all gods are unverifyable and really the projection of what people wish to see in a powerful being...

    So, I think God is really a Scandi God - Thor!

    He of the broad chest, the six pack and the massive hammer. I recon God should go around smashing things and shagging loose women.

  • No god isn't real.

    In my view .There is no proof that god exists. And religion is so relitive that it almost seems made up...Terminology and qualification, Historic denominations, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Other Eastern Christianity, Anglicanism, and Protestantism are all different types of Christian belifes. To name s few. And thats only Christian belief types, not including the types I missed and the rest of the world.

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