Do you believe that Google Images has the right to censor information on the Internet, such as pornography?

  • Absolutely Google should censor.

    Google should be responsible for censoring images. Parental controls or search settings are weak IMO. It's incredible what can be viewed at Google images with a simple search. I'm not anti-porn nor am I pro-censorship, but those images should not be so easily available; and I am a Google supporter. Over the last 20 years pornography has become more graphic and more readily available through the Internet and satellite television services; the volume and graphic nature has increased substantially. Satellite tv services should edit their adult titles and descriptions and Google should also censor what can be accessed and/or viewed ar Google images...That is difficult too.

  • It's their platform.

    Since it's Google's platform they can do whatever they see fit, including censoring the information they'd otherwise share. Also, they might do this because of many people being oversensitive these days, and as we've seen, some companies have caved in rather than fight back and deal with being harassed about offensive material.

  • Yes, Google Images has right to censor information

    Even though I don't support censorship in general, I do believe that Google images have right to censor information such as pornography. Just mistyping something can lead to your child seeing pornography. If you want to watch pornography you can easily access it on Internet with just a few clicks away.

  • Google and the Internet need some kind of censorship when it comes to pornography

    Although censorship should be utilized only when necessary, Google has a responsibility to protect its young and sensitive users from the less tasteful Internet search results that can appear. Pornographic sites should be restricted to those who are 18 and older, and this may be achieved by having users answer a series of questions or even having them pay to enter the sites. Censorship can be used in a bad way, but Internet companies have responsibilities to protect the public from certain things.

  • Each person should be able to Google what they want

    I do not believe Google has the right to censor certain informaiton from anyone on the Internet. People deserve to be able to search for whatever they want. A better option might be to allow parental controls in the settings, so that parents can censor what their children can view, but just censoring everyone would not be okay in my opinion.

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