Do you believe that greed is the root of all our problems?

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  • No. Greed is not the culprit.

    Ignorance and lack of education is the root of all of our problems. The greedy are merely able to get away with their atrocities as a consequence to this. A majority of Americans are so conformed to this system the most wealthy promote, that they are unconsciously trained to never question anything and to just go with the flow.

  • Greed is a large part. But not all of the problem.

    I see you have a picture of money up there, so yes -- the "love of money" can cause people to be very cruel and selfish.--Sometimes people do not want just money--but power and control over people--for instance to be admired, followed, and yes at times worshiped. While it is true that money ( in our present day society) is a large part of that--in many societies --it's the control they are after. -as the saying goes--
    (Proverbs 28:5) " Evil men cannot understand justice,
    But those who seek Jehovah can understand everything."

    so that is some of my observations.-
    I'm not sure if that is what you are talking about, exactly--but I just thought --it would add interest to the discussion.
    I would be interested to know your views on that. I'm not so much a person to debate or argue with people--but rather to compare and exchange opinions to add interest to the conversation.

  • Selfishness can be good

    Human selfishness/greed has created a lot of amazing things, believe it or not. We cooperate to build skyscrapers, churches, works of art, we invent computers and airplanes and rockets and go to the moon. This happened because our economy is based on greed. We work so we can buy the things we want, so we can live with the material goods we want, and that work creates a global economy. People have an incentive to make money or invent something so they can work less and have more money. If we all were free of greed, we would probably all do as little work as possible just to feed and clothe ourselves and spend the rest of our time just relaxing or doing whatever we want, but not contributing to the economy. But the other problems of human nature wouldn't go away-- cruelty, quarreling, talking behind people's back, saying mean things, etc.-- and so we wouldn't all be living in communes in peace and happiness. But because we would not be motivated by greed, we would simply be just a little bit lazier. The people who care about others would still care, but the people who aren't compassionate or desiring to change the world with kindness would simply not be motivated to do much, and our whole economy and world would suffer.

  • The invisible wall-

    As a humanitarian, I am inclined to disagree that people are inherently selfish. So what phenomenon would I suggest is the root of problem? Although I view the natural, human mindset as positive, people are quite gullible. To gain societal acceptance, people will travel to any means, even if it destroys their own sense of identity. It is essentially what pollutes all nations- something foul as group think.

    People have minds, individual minds at that. But the line between individuality and collectivism grows slim as a societal mindset demands conformity and compliance. People begin shunning dissident, and they become strangely similar. They will trash their identity for the sake of security, and they will form governments- governments to protect their "peace". When this state molds, those dissidents are punished. Oddly enough, in the midst of the oppressive, societal mind, people always manage to see their chains. And simply by seeing these chains, they can free their minds, but it is revolution which frees them all. Revolution rarely comes without bloodshed.

    Give any society on this planet enough time, and it is inevitable. America will not die from a foreign attack, but it will die from suicide. People never seem to be able to identify the actual captor.

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