Do you believe that hate radio and internet lead to racist, sexist and other hate crimes?

  • It might not make people racist, because they most likely are already there

    People who seek out and listen to hate radio for longer than what the average curiosity may provoke may already be racist. People in general like to feel included and have their values/opinions aligned with others, overall making people feel safe. In addition, calling in allows listeners to have their opinions further validated.

    I think the video game and violence argument is not a valid point. People don't listen to opinion radio to escape into or immerse themselves in a virtual world. They don't turn on the radio knowing that what they are listening to is pure entertainment. It may be more likely that hate radio listeners listen to biased political and social opinions with an understanding that this is the real world.

    Listeners may have fixed firm beliefs aligned with those opinions and it may be hard to agree what came first, the racism or the radio.

  • Absolutely yes indeed

    People are influenced easily by radio personalities and a culture forms in society. I know of one specific talk show host where about three decades worth of society in part was affected by this mindset and it was hateful and confining towards women.
    Also many political rafio talk shows have major influence on people's political beliefs...
    I see it for myself in society how mindsets are created.

  • Yes, it can make racists feel like cultural heroes

    Violent racists should know that they are a tiny minority, and that most
    of the country views them as ignorant bigots. Anyone looking for a cause
    should be aware that racists are unpopular outsiders with ideas that are
    considered absurd and outmoded. The problem with hate radio and hateful
    internet sites is that they give people with extremist views a place to
    congregate and reinforce one another’s bad ideas. Hate radio makes a
    ragged subset of weirdoes believe they are a mighty army of truth.

  • It Certainly Can

    I believe hate radio and Internet websites can lead to racist, sexist, and other hate crimes. People with these beliefs are often empowered by others that share their beliefs because it enables them to justify their standings. When this is the case, they may feel braver about those beliefs and they may be more likely to act out on them.

  • Not really radio, but definitely Internet.

    Hate radio? Not so much. That's the domain of cowardly old white men who would run screaming if they actually got into a real life confrontation. The Internet, though, is pretty good at converting hate into action. I believe the resurgence of racism, sexism and hate crimes in America is due to people on the Internet being prodded to act that way.

  • Most human beings in our contemporary world seem more inclined to hate and misjudge others' motives. Love, faith-based or agnostic/humanistic is more rare than ever.

    The Internet, radio, and other twittering, so-called social sites make easy access for hate - mongers to share their disease brutally, anonymously with no wires attached. Forget punching bags and boxing matches of previous eras....Vent all we want to vent on groups of people, groups of gendered lifestyles, or races and statuses, with little evidence and simple-minded bigotry that reveals nothing more than self-loathing.

  • Yes it does...Just like video games and music make teens commit acts of violence.

    Obviously my headline was sarcastic. I do not believe people can be incited to commit crimes by listening to a radio show. I believe that they seek out entertainment based on beliefs that they already hold. For example, most left-wingers aren't going to spend their morning listening to Rush Limbaugh for 4 hours, but right-wingers might. I also think that some people use the word "hate" to characterize the actions or beliefs of someone who simply disagrees with them (I'm speaking about you, far-lefties) rather than someone who actually shows a strong dislike or aversion towards a person or group. But that's a different debate.

  • No not really

    I think that hate radio and hate internet cushion an environment of hate but it does not create a racist, sexist, and or other hateful environments in which those crimes are committed. It would be unfair to blame the media outlets for the actions that certain people do. People are responsible for their own actions.

  • I do not believe that hate radio and internet lead to racist, sexist and other hate crimes.

    I do not believe that hate radio and Internet lead to racist, sexist and other hate crimes. A person can be thinking about this stuff before listening and looking this up. It just depends on your interest and what you are browsing for when you listen to this stuff online.

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