• History does repeat itself

    Because incest is still around in the medieval time there was a lot of incest and even today there is still incest so i do believe history does repeat itself and i am even having an incest relationship with my sister also we let the dog join sometimes and the down syndrome baby cant forget that little bugger his pp is so smol ;)

  • History repeats itself

    History does repeat itself. Many accurate examples and events prove why this is the case. These examples usually are historical events, geographical changes and war strategies. Most of these events have caused many frequent tragedies in our economy. History is very important because it represents the connection of the past and the present. History helps us understand people and societies and is also useful for work as the study helps create good business people, professionals, and political leaders.
    The definition of history is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs, which is why humans study history. “There is an old saying about those who can’t remember the past being condemned to repeat it. But those of us who refuse to forget the past are condemned to relive it” (Emily Thorne). This means that people that don’t study the past are going to repeat it, in the worst possible way. The quote isn't only well-known it is also truthful. When history repeats itself it can be caused by bad reasons or good reasons, unfortunately many events that repeat are dangerous. “If history repeats itself and the unexpected always happens how incapable must man be of learning from experience.” George shaw.
    There are numerous events in history, many of them are repeated, in there own unique way.These examples usually historical events, geographical changes and war strategies. Take the Vietnam War for the United States and the Afghanistan War for the Soviet Union, it’s an example of war strategies. The Vietnam War and the Afghanistan War both saw a super power supporting unpopular governments with the other supporting rebel forces. They both also resulted in the overthrow of the unpopular government and military humiliation for the Soviet Union and the United States.There was also the time when the Nazi Germany's annexation(ANNEXATION) of German ethnic groups in Czechoslovakia(Czecho SLA VA KIA) is the same as Putin's Russia annexation(ANNEXATION) of ethnic Russian populated regions in the Ukraine. Another event is the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars had some of the same elements. Both saw Serbs attempt genocide on a ethnic population with NATO intervention.. One could say that China's South Sea aggression over oil is the same thing Japan did in WW2(WORLD WAR 2). Japan went to war for raw materials including oil. Even the time when the British, French, and Russian Revolutions saw radical elements coming to power with eventual dictatorships forming. Also the former Monarchs that once ruled those nations were executed by the radical elements. Civil war in those counties ensued as well. Once the Union's plans on freeing and enlistment of former slaves from the Confederate States is the same as what the British did to northern states slave populations during the Revolutionary War. Some repeated the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 both saw the United States try to take control of Canada. Also in pre-WW2 war planning saw the US military make plans to invade and annex Canada.

  • History does repeat itself.

    I think that history does repeat itself by cycles that we do not know about or realize that were doing these cycles. Also because some people are kind of getting racists like back then I'm not saying that everyone is but some people are. Also sometimes when I wake up I realize that sometimes I do the exact same thing that I did like a week ago.

  • History recycles every so often

    Yes, I do believe that history repeats itself every couple decades. It may not come off and the exact same events, but they are similar in nature. It also seems to repeat itself when we fail to recognize there is a problem or we attempt to forget the past. Our past has an uncanny way of coming to the future in the worst times.

  • History does repeat itself.

    Yes, history does absolutely repeat itself. It repeats itself in new cultures and on new modalities of life, but it does repeat itself. This is because we are human and are, unfortunately, almost destined to behave in certain ways. For example, no matter what you do teenagers are going to mess up.

  • Yes, I think history repeats itself.

    Overall I do think that history tends to repeat itself, often the outcome is going to be the same when the same type of situation occurs just with different people and different circumstances, we have seen throughout history throughout warfare and economics that history has repeated itself in a dependable fashion.

  • History repeats itself

    History usually just goes through cycles and does repeat itself. That is why it is so important for people to learn history about the world and their nation they live in. When they learn the history then they can learn how to prevent the bad events from occurring anytime soon.

  • No I Do Not

    I do not believe history repeats itself. I believe we study history to understand what led to certain circumstances in the past. I also believe that each situation arises due to unique circumstances, therefore history does not repeat itself because it's impossible to recreate all of the causes and effects in any one single act.

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