Do you believe that in the future, schools will have no books and no teachers?

  • I support strongly

    That modern schools will be the best and even children need to travel long distances to school in bus so even fuel waste and even energy waste -the schools give books which we use so trees to make the papers and conclude to say that this type of studies is good

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  • Teachers are obselete

    I don't believe that teachers are capable of competing with todays technology. Technology has the ability to teach students on an individual basis that human teachers can not imagine. Tech also has the abiltiy to teach without the bias and agenda that many teachers show today. Like many professions through history. Teaching has become an obselete craft. I have children at school age currently and I for one am glad that the tech is readily availabe

  • I am with the motion.

    The establishing of future school will be a good benefit if there is no books, Human teacher because nowadays the children have to carry more books in earlier age for which the children does not get good nutrition development as the nutriton gets waste in giving energy to carry the book. There are some disadvantage of human teacher because human teacher may not be present at the given time they may be late, But robotic teacher are those type of teacher who are very punctuall through robotic teacher students will get good and easy method of learning each subject.

  • I do support technology. . . . . .

    If there will be virtual classrooms students will study without disturbance, Which will lead them to gain proper knowledge. . . If student is weak in studies he can it revised again and again till he get it. . . While on the other hand its not possible for a human teacher can not do so as for humans there is limit for eveything. . . . So I support it. . . . . .

  • Nowadays schools are getting modalized

    Nowadays in schools they have digital screens for explanation, Mobile phones, Tabs, E. T. C to complete their exams, Notes and so on. So, That's the reason i think in future there will be no books, No schools and teachers. Children will be learning everything from mobiles, Tabs, Laptops e. T. C

  • Human teachers are likee parents

    Robots cannot replace human teachers. Huma teachers give eye contact, Correct students mistakes, Make them strong. But robots cannot do any of these things. Students can be attentive in class but not in systems. Robots cannot take students. More over there in virtual class rooms can be provided in homes. So the children do not learn with interest

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  • Future schools will not have teachers and books....

    In later time students study in virtual class rooms, where there teachers will be mechanical teachers or robots who are in black and ugly and they have a screen .The mechanical teachers give assignments and test to the students have to write the answers in codes which can be read by the robots ,screen show the text books from which they study and read, the words move automatically according to the person reading it. The computer store the teaching and learning data systematically which can be so easily accessed by anyone wanting it. Internet has further facilitated sharing of knowledge available abundantly on all the subjects

  • I believe that

    We should have teachers, in the present and in the future also . Because teachers are important in every minute because there no one else that our parents also . Can help us in everything in future also and now also I am student of class 6 i am sharing my opinions with all u that can understand whoever saying no

  • How can teachers and books be replaced???????

    Teachers and books who play an important role in our lives can not be replaced by robots......There are so many teachers who gave upon their lives to make our future....How can we stoop down to such a level and instead of being thankful and grateful to them we are just thinking of replacing them.....Just think of those people who live their day to day lives through teaching.......What kind of people this makes us ? We need to think about that now or never?

  • Google isnt a human

    If we are thinking that at a point of time sites like google will going to replace teachers and books, then this cant be done, because only a teacher can explain the concept of maths thoroughly, google can only tell about the steps to be followed, and same with other concepts as well.

  • Cannot be agreed on

    Students in future use books but less. Hence, it does not mean that there will no books in future.
    It is very boring to study alone in a room without any classmates and study alone. If we ask some question to human teacher they explain it in many ways but mechanical teacher explain it only a single way. It is also not good that every thing was on computer like test on computer, books in computer, homework in computer, etc. The mechanical teacher will teach according to its stored program which may not be understood by the students but human teacher will explain it accordingly.
    The human teacher and books will never replace in future.

  • Cannot be agreed on

    The psychology and understanding between two humans(i.E teacher and student) cannot be the same between a robot and human.A questioned asked to a human teacher a 100 times would be answered in 100 different ways until the student understands it properly, while the same question asked to a robot teacher a 100 times would be answered in 4 to 5 ways as programmed or coded in the system. A teacher can understand his/her student properly from his naughtiness to his seriousness ,while a robot cannot.
    Conclusion is that human teachers cannot be replaced by robots

  • Teachers play a friendly part in our lives. Teachers may not be removed ..........

    Where the mechanical teachers be kept. ...The mechanical teacher will teach according to its stored program which may not be understood by the students but human teacher will explain it accordingly. ........ No friendly relations with anyone will be left because no one will be aware of anyone in this world. ...Everyone will be busy with themselves and their robots.....

  • Human mentors are the best

    There is no denying that technology has changed the way education was imparted earlier and many more innovations are yet to arrive. However,Teachers can never be replaced by machines. Instilling moral values ,ensuring discipline and giving emotional touch to students can only be done by teachers. A teacher may understand the psychology of a child in a better way. Technology may assist but can never replace teachers

  • Nooo..... It won't.....

    People have started using computers and mechanical teachers from now itself. Yes, the interest in books have reduced but why hasn't the printing press died? Why do people still go to school? Why are libraries and other temples of books prevailing all over the world? I firmly believe that books are the greatest source of knowledge along with school and will always live in peoples hearts no matter what happens.....

  • I do not believe that...

    I definitely do not see it coming.
    'Man is a social animal'. Without society (in this sense - people), we can't lead normal lives. So do you really think that robots shall be replacements for teachers?
    1. No matter how much knowledge a robot has, it will never have the same passion, zeal, human interaction and nurturing that humans can provide.
    2. Future students might use textbooks less, but they will never disappear.
    Even though digitization is rapidly taking place, there will still be a special place for books and teachers in everyone's hearts!

  • I dont think so...............

    I dont think that the future schools will have no books and no teachers because although the technology develops, there will be a need for books and teachers. For example, the students may carry a notepad(tablet) as their textbooks but for writing notes they still need notebooks. I am sure that teachers will teach students in the future. No one can replace teachers with robots because the nurturing from teachers cannot be given by robots to the children. Although both of them clear their doubts and explain them, human teachers explain them in a loved manner.

  • No i dont think

    That future teacher is replaced by robot because robot only teach that is proggamed in it but teacher tell his experience, his knowledge and his skills . Even though our world is becoming more digital there is still a place for both books and human teacher . I m totaly against it

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