• Jerry Jones is being extorted following his actions.

    Jerry Jones' acted of his own free will, but the lewd photographs that have appeared online, point to extortion. If the photos were taken secretly, that they are now published with demands is extortion. If Jones knew the photos were being taken, he trusted the sources and has been betrayed.

  • Chances Are There's a Money Trail

    If it wasn't a part of an extortion why did the girls in them not post them when they first took them? The only reason for them to have been leaked two years after the fact is someone was looking for more money and didn't get what they wanted. Even though the guy who leaked the info seems to be off on several tangents the information directly connected to those photos is very believable. Hopefully he confessed his sins to his wife a long time ago!

  • Jerry Jones pictures look photoshopped

    I think Jerry Jones is being extorted. If you look closely at them they appear photo-shopped. I hope whomever this group is comes clean. Using anyone for wrong, especially a famous person in the spotlight is a new form of low. Now there is obviously a chance Mr Jones has another side to him, but by first glance they appear false.

  • No he is not

    I do not believe that Jerry Jones is part of an extortion plot. I would need more evidence to believe this to be true. I just don't have the evidence right now so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. It is more likely that he is not involved than him being involved.

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