• Yes, Joan of Arc was an important figure in the European timeline

    Joan of Arc was a very important key part of the Middle Ages timeline in Europe, as she helped to rally the French armed forces against the English and helped push them out of French soil. Had Joan of Arc not rallied the French, the English might have been an unchecked super power and dominated every inch of the globe.

  • Yes, she was a key figure.

    Joan of Arc is a key figure because she was a female who led battles and gained victories. The fact that she believed she heard God speaking to her is secondary to this, but still very important. Her story is both a symbol of female power and one of the religious and cultural beliefs of the time.

  • Joan of Arc played a part in history.

    Joan of Arc lived in a time of many French and English wars who had strong conflict with the king himself. She was a young girl of strong faith and beliefs that she was willing to die for. She had many dreams and visions that allowed for her strength and strategies toward delivering land from the English.

  • Joan of Arc

    I personally agree,Joan of Arc Lived from 1412-1431 I In the long wars between the French and English not even the Black Prince or King Henry V gained such fame as did a young French peasant girl, Joan of Arc. She was born in the little village of Domrémy . Her father had often told her of the sad condition of France, how the country was largely in the possession of England, and how the French king did not dare to be crowned. And so the thought came to be ever in her mind, "How I pity my country!" She brooded over the matter so much that she began to have visions of angels and heard strange voices, which said to her, "Joan, you can deliver the land from the English. go to the relief of King Charles."

  • She was a major player.

    Joan of Arc was, of course, a key part in the Middle Ages time line. She was one of the most influential figures in human history. Whether she was folklore or not has nothing to do with it as just her name in and of itself had so much sway in that time. Even today, it does.

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