• Yes, but it might have been avoided and denial of medication could have contributed.

    While anti-depressants aren't always a perfect solution for all patients, denying him access to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine could certainly have contributed to a state of hopelessness and despair which led to his suicide. Had he been on his medicine, he might not have been in such a state and might not have committed suicide.

  • Kyle Brennan's Death

    Who pays the price when the rule of law is purposely distorted in order to bully honest citizens into submission? And what of Scientology’s next set of victims? How many more will suffer because the bullies haven't been stopped?




    Read more about the Clearwater Police at:The Truth for Kyle Brennan at vbreton2062.Wordpress.Com/

  • The evidence of the police invesitgation suggests that Kyle Brennan didn't commited suicide.

    Kyle Brennan was shot with his father's handgun. It was proclaimed that this was self-inflicted, but evidence suggests otherwise. The policed noticed that his computer had recently deleted files on it before they could investigate. Also, the father withheld Brennan's anti-psychotic medication. This evidence strongly supports the idea that his death wasn't of his own doing, but of another's.

  • Too many anomalies in Kyle Brennan's death.

    I do not believe Kyle Brennan committed suicide. Although clinically depressed and taking medication, there are too many factors suggesting that he was murdered and had not committed suicide. For example, they never found the bullet that killed him, he was found in his father's bedroom, and his bags were packed. Furthermore, none of his fingerprints were found on the weapon used for the supposed suicide. Unless he magically wiped his fingerprints after shooting himself and the head, it seems very odd to have no fingerprints on the weapon.

  • Kyle Brennan's Death

    I don't know if there is enough proof for me to believe that Kyle Brennan's death was a suicide. Like I said in another argument, people are presumed innocent until found guilty. If there is no clear indication of suicide in this case, I disagree that that wast he cause of death.

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