• Yes, It needs to be reduced.

    I think that there is increasing evidence that constant exposure to nuisance noise can have a serious negative effect on peoples health and well being. There are more and more sources of constant nuisance noise around us all the time, and the noise producers currently have little incentive to reduce it. I think anything law enforcement does to reduce this noise is going to be a good thing.

  • People need peace.

    Yes, I believe that law enforcement to contain noise pollution is necessary, because people would use noise for harassment if they could get away with it. People have a right to go to bed when they want to and sleep, without staying up because of a party next door. Noise should not be a sword to annoy others.

  • Yes, I believe using law enforcement to contain pollution is necessary.

    I believe that law enforcement has to make sure that certain people are not being to disruptive to others in close proximity, most people need a good nights sleep before going to work the next day and being constantly wakened by loud noises disrupts that, I believe law enforcements needs to let the offenders know that this is unacceptable and needs to cease.

  • Yes, it is

    It should only become a factor in extreme situations, but if some idiot on New Years is blowing things up in an apartment courtyard at 2am or something along those lines, somebody needs to make them shut up for the sake of the people that have things to do in the morning.

  • In some cases yes.

    There are people who have to work and kids who have to go to sleep. If you live in a cramped neighborhood and your neighbors raise a ruckus during the working week, this can lead to a lot of problems. It isn't fair to people, so I have no problem with noise pollution laws.

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