Do you believe that layoffs in the government cause problems (yes) or are beneficial (no)?

  • The government needs enough workers to fullfill it roles efficienttly

    Those people who call for smaller government become irked
    when they have to stand in line at the DMV or wait on a phone line to speak to
    someone at a government agency. The agencies that protect the food we eat, the
    medicines we take and the air we breathe need more workers, not fewer. Though
    every layoff advocate has particular groups of employees he believes should be
    eliminated, that only means he has never needed help from that agency, yet.

  • The cause problems

    I think that the lay offs the government has end up making a whole lot of problems. People first off lose their job, which is bad, and the position is now not filled so a lot of work is not getting done in that place, and I think that they are bad.

  • The government has gotten to big.

    The government is constantly getting bigger. It has gotten so big that it can't even afford to pay its employees, and has to let some of them go. I think these layoffs are beneficial because they reduce the size of government and government spending. They also make Americans aware of the fact that the government is oversized and that cuts are necessary. .

  • It Is Beneficial

    When considering layoffs in the government I think its important to remember that they happen due to workload more often than not. Laying off people is far more beneficial to everyone. When this is done, taxpayer money is saved because those employees no longer pull a pay check, but they are able to take advantage of unemployment benefits.

  • These layoffs help the economy.

    Layoffs in the government are beneficial to the economy overall. While they don't have the person who has lost his or her job, the made up revenue helps relieve taxpayers of extra financial burdens. These days the budget is so strained that there is no room for people who have heavily padded or unnecessary positions.

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