Do you believe that leisure media influences the body image of young women between the ages of 14 and 20?

  • Teen girls feel pressured

    With social media, the Internet, adverts, and television playing a huge part in it, young women feel obliged to look a certain way. I'm not badmouthing models in any way, but they do add to the pressure of body image. People seem to think that girls are just being insecure, but that isn't the case whatsoever. Young women are forced into a world where it's easier to tear yourself down than build yourself up, and that should be put to an end by the media, not encourage it.

  • Definitely think so

    Me being a female, I can definitely say it's influenced me. I'm always concerned about these superficial things that really do nothing more than distract from my life. Being black especially, I feel I need to look more European in order to achieve beauty like the ladies in all the magazines. And the tv shows. And the commercials. And in the movies. Well unless the movie's about slaves; then they depict black women in their natural states.

  • Leisure media has a majority of influence over how young women see their selves to a certain extent causing things like eating disorders

    Young women strive to be 'thin' just as they see on advertisements and magazines. This media has a large impact as young women don't see their selves as they appear and constantly want to be thinner like celebrities. TV shows usually present very thin actresses. Young woman are faced with media every day which is highly likely to affect their opinion on body image.

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