• It is quite convincing.

    Considering all the happenings of the modern world and how close it reflects the many arts, As if reality is shaped by our perception of it. Life seems more and more like a written work to me. Though logically I can't help but think it is irrational of me to think so.

  • Yes, life imitates art.

    I definitely think that life imitates are sometimes. I think that all art is an extension of real life and vice-versa. So naturally, one cannot exist without the other. And there are times when life becomes art due to the fact that it is inspired by one another. That is why I believe that.

  • Yes, I believe life is beautiful.

    Life is a beautiful painting that changes and can improve day by day. This life we are living is a gift by someone, or something, depending on what you believe in, and would should value it like we value a valuable piece of art. It is precious, and very beautiful.

  • If you mean "life" as the daily happenings, there is absolutely no way it imitates art, simply because this concept of life cannot acknowledge art.

    In this sense, it would only be possible to imitate art for a being with cognitive abilities.
    As the day to day facts just happen as a complex string of cause and effect, I do not believe it would be able to extract this or that from art and duplicate it in our lives.

  • Life does not imitate art

    In my opinion life does not imitate art. I feel that art imitates life. Anything that can be created in the field of art draws some kind of inspiration from life. Without life there can be no art, but without art life can go on. Art imitates life in forms of realism in various mediums.

  • art imitates life

    We could say it could go either way, but life has been around long before art. Every form art has taken has been something to do with life. You can't have art with out life. Art maybe there, but who is there to see it. Life itself creates art, not the other way around in my opinion.

  • I think art imitates life

    No, I do not believe that life imitates arts. In fact I believe it is the total opposite, that art imitates life. Art is a rendition of how the person that is making the art sees life. It may not be the same as other picture it, but it is what is in that persons head. Once time has passed, I believe that it seems as if life had imitated art that has already be formed.

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