• It was a personal matter that could not be prevented.

    Madeleine Albright's divorce was unavoidable. This is because actions always lead up to other actions. No one on the outside could prevent it. If it was avoidable, she would have not gotten the divorce. A man and a woman have to sometimes give up a lot of personal desires to stay in a marriage, and these two were not able to do so.

  • Would you want to marry that?

    Yes, I believe that Madelein Albright's divorce was unavoidable, because she does not seem like an easy person to get along with. Albright was forceful when she held political positions. It would be counter intuitive to assume that she would be any different as a spouse. That would be hard to live with.

  • How is this important?

    How is this important? There is no reason that a former politician (a politician from the 80s and 90s) should be discussed right now in relation to their person lives and in to their divorces. Albright was probably in a marriage that ran its course, as does happen, and it is fine.

  • Yes, Albright's divorce was unavoidable.

    I believe that Madeleine Albright's divorce was unavoidable. I think that her heavy focus on her career was a big factor in the problems she had in her marriage. I also think that there were a lot of signs and problems in her marriage that led to the divorce. Who is to say though that it couldn't be saved.

  • No, Madeleine Albright's divorce was avoidable

    She could have avoided divorce by working very hard to repair her marriage. She could have tried couples therapy. She could have tried individual counseling so that she could work on herself which may have helped improve her marriage. She could avoided her divorce by maintaining her faith and honoring her vows.

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