• They are nt synonymous

    Money and happiness are not synonymous. Money can not by happiness but many people think it will. If you ask a person if they want to be rich or poor, they most all would say rich. But many times, having money will lead people to focus on the wrong things.

  • Yes, I believe money and happiness are synonymous.

    When you have enough money to be comfortable you can be more relaxed and enjoy more activities that give you pleasure and happiness, while you don't necessarily need money to be happy it is certainly much easier and more enjoyable when you do. I think that the more money you have the more opportunities for happiness open up.

  • It doesn't hurt.

    Yes, I believe that money and happiness are synonymous, because money can buy a lot of things that are happiness. Money can buy a longer life and better health, and that is happiness. Money can buy expensive vacations. Money can buy a beautiful wife. It is sadly true that happiness and money go together.

  • Money can bring happiness to you, but there's a limit to say that money and hapiness are synonymous.

    From the "Origin of happiness", it said that external factors like money,
    sex and etc affect 10~15% of happiness. The opinion that money and happiness are synonymous is caused by circumstances we exaggerate the significance of money in our society. ALL THE STUDIES HAVE PROVEN, money and happiness are not synonymous.

  • No, They Aren't

    I do not believe money and happiness are synonymous. There is plenty of proof in this as you can usually find a tragic story among lottery winners. Capitalism and consumerism want you to believe money buys happiness, but it doesn't and it never will. Money is simply a tool, it can't replace emotions nor determine what emotions you will feel.

  • Money and happiness are not synonymous.

    Money can only buy more happiness with people who are already happy. I definitely do not think that somebody whose problems are not due to money problems will find solace with more money. I think that there are more things in this world than money that can cause problems and happiness.

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