Do you believe that Mr. Sullivan is a good teacher?

Asked by: MysticMunchii
  • He's a great teacher

    Mr Sullivan really went above and beyond this semester to illuminate his subject matter, bringing in numerous visual aides and props to explicate difficult subject matter, such as a walrus on a tricycle, and a wheel barrow full of burned hash browns. He also organized highly relevant and revelatory field trips to the sub basement of the world's largest meat packing plant, and to the exact center of the sahara desert. Thanks mr Sullivan, I'll never forget what I learned in your class.

  • Mr. Sullivan is a terrible teacher.

    Mr. Sullivan does not teach what is on the final. The entire semester he had us read books and do useless worksheets that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. On the final we have ACT style questions and grammar questions that we spent no more then a couple days on. He also has a very monotone voice that bores you to sleep. His overall teaching skills are very bad for the time he has put in at this school. Hopefully his college gives refunds because he did not learn enough to teach his students.

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