Do you believe that noise pollution effects are particularly devastating to communities?

  • Yes, I believe that noise pollution effects are devasting to communities.

    I believe that noise pollution can really disrupt the communities that it occurs in or near to, being unable to concentrate or unable to get a good night sleep because of the amount of noise around can really mess up a person mentality and sometimes that person does not have the means to move away from the area so they must learn to cope with it.

  • Yes, noise is devastating

    One of my neighbors had a motorcycle last year and I can tell you that the effects of noise pollution are devastating. Everyone on our street was going crazy from the constant noise. It completely changed the character of life on our street. We couldn't relax, our schedules had to defer to his, he woke me up all the time with that awful noise. They say that humans are born with two fears: the dark and loud noise. There should be more legislation of noise.

  • Yes they are

    yes, a community that is very high in noise is going to be one that has really low property values, and is going to be one that is going to have a lot of problems with people trying as hard as they can to move out of it to another place.

  • Noise Pollution is hot air

    I don't believe noise pollution effects are particularly devistating communities. I believe that are own pollution, and how we take care of this planet is more devistating to the communities these days. We as people are always looking to point fingers in other peoples directions and other things, to blame for pollution in any retrospect and really need to take ownership of it ourselves.

  • Annoying but not devastating

    Everyone hates noise pollution, except maybe young people. They probably hate it too when they are sleeping. Noise pollution is a annoying, but for the most part does not bring any catastrophic disasters to people's lives. The only time that happens is when a plane crashes or a asteroids crashes into a populated area. Luckily that does not happen very often.

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