Do you believe that older model Ferrari cars are more valuable than newer models?

  • Yes, I do think so

    If you look at it from a historical stand point,I would say, of course. The antique value alone from some of those cars, must be outrageous. The car stood for so much more back then as well, the value should be looked at in nostalgic , and price. The car use to stand for a little more back then, rather just turn your head,it also got a nod.

  • Yes, older model Ferraris are more valuable than modern ones.

    I think that a lot of the older model Ferrari cars are more valuable than a lot of the newer ones. I also think that a lot of them look better than some of the Ferrari models that are available today. But of course that is a matter of opinion.

  • The older, the better.

    Older model Ferrari cars are definitely more valuable than newer models. This is because these cars become collectible and antique, thus increasing their value. In addition, certain features are on older cars that aren't on newer, such as special trims, and this makes older cars have a niche audience that makes their prices go up.

  • Older Ferraris are worth more than modern day Ferraris.

    With most cars, it's true that older models that have been meticulously preserved are worth a lot more than your average new car today. Most Ferrari owners taken incredibly good care of their cars, so some of the older models are not only beautiful but very rare. This makes them worth more than today's Ferraris.

  • That's how the vintage collector's market works.

    Well, of course I'd believe that. Once cars pass a certain age, usually 15 - 25 years and on up, they are considered to be vintage. They're collector's items. And Ferrari has some really beautiful models over the course of their decades in production. Some are junk, of course, but can be restored.

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