Do you believe that pedophiles who do not act on their desires deserve a normal and healthy lifestyle?

Asked by: Marki101
  • Pedophiles are people, weird, but people.

    You don't judge people by their thoughts or beliefs, you judge them upon their actions. A man or woman might like kids, it doesn't make them inhuman. In earlier times we had children between 13-16, hunted at 25, became a wise old man by 30, and died of old age by 40. Back then it didn't matter what age they were, if any woman was of age that they could produce a child, the goal was to populate no matter the age of the man. It doesn't make you inhuman to want someone under 18, it's a little weird to like 5-year-olds, but it's basic human instinct to repopulate. Regardless of your desires, as long as you aren't acting on them inappropriately, I do not see any difference between you and my neighbor.

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