• Imagine for next generation

    Imagine if the internet get disrupted. Imagine how our kids will even more dependent with the internet and phones. Remember the time we go back to the nature, To the beach, The park. Be a smart consumer, Use them the right way. Don’t get addicted. This is 5 more work needed.

  • Every day to day work requires internet these days.

    Internet has become an necessity in day to day life. From paying bills, checking transport schedule, weather, GPS, paying in stores, chatting, sending emails, ordering food and many other activities is done with the help of internet rather than using traditional uses. That is why I believe people are addicted to internet.

  • People are too dependent on the Internet.

    Yes, people are overly reliant on the Internet theses days. Nearly every person has rapid access to the Internet by way of their smart phones. With such easy access, people no longer learn how to get around, they use online maps. People no longer learn to do conversions, they just do an Internet search.

  • Yes, they are too dependent

    I think rightfully so, we rely on the Internet for everything. Its knowledge at your finger tips, in ways that never existed before. Its going to get worse from here, the net is something that have revolutionized the world,but we need to stop using it so much for social things at work, other than that its a nice boost to society.

  • Yes, I believe that people have become too dependent on the internet especially for education.

    People have become fully dependent on the Internet for their entertainment, education and social interactions. It has become increasingly more difficult to access information without using a computer or the Internet. Whenever you leave the house you encounter people connected to the Internet even when they are supposed to be interacting with friends. Many schools now have Ipads and laptops for their students to use, some homework is even issued solely online. Without the Internet many people would be at a loss as to how to accomplish seemingly ordinary tasks.

  • Internet is an Asset

    I would have to say that people are not too dependent on the internet. We are utilizing it more then ever and it really helps us in so many ways. I do believe that we as people that is the first thing we use in order to found out anything that we are looking for as far as news, sports, etc. However we are not to dependent on it. It's very useful.

  • No, I don't think that people are too dependent on the internet.

    I think the Internet is a great tool for both business and entertainment purposes, never before have people had access to the amount of information that they do now, I think reliance on the Internet will only increase as technology continues to develop and grow with most of it being online.

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