• I actually do:

    Most human wars have been fought over politics. Most human corruption exists within politics. Most human power is invested in politics. Almost all of the monetary and resource management is invested into politics. The amount of money that goes into a campaign for a party is immense, it rivals the amount of money that goes into schools, and in some cases completely blows past this amount, yet people are on about small things like religion and political parties and wasteful disputes when really the cause of all of man's suffering has, even now, and probably until the end of time, been rooted deeply in political power.

    Whether it's creating an ignorant nation a few people can control or facilitating entire wars using scapegoats to be able to set footholds in the area and claim and expand territory the entire Game that humans play centers around this one thing.

    Politics is, without shadow of a doubt, beyond the most disturbing, dangerous, and defeatist aspect of humanity. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that compares to the destruction politics has wrought whether it be ideology versus ideology or territorial nonsense or vying for control over resources it's all the same at the end of the day.

    Why do humans play such a dangerous Game?

  • Politics is the central point of Division in America

    With at least 2 political parties and therefore multiple members of them all, Everyone has contrasting views on trivial matters, And some are way extreme. Basically, All politics is doing in this country is paving the way for Civil War II and this time it will make the last one look like a fairy tale.

  • Politics is a dangerous game

    My opinion stems from biological and social perspective. In essence we are not all that much different from other animals in the world. In most animal societies, there exists the need for there to be a top dog that controls most of the available resources such as food and mating rights and hence ensure continued survival. Unfortunately, because the prize is so great, the top dog(s) is/are always under threat from those below (maybe even vice versa) and as such always seeks to exert or maintain control and dominance over the rest. Such efforts are often a fatal exercise. So yes, definitely dangerous. Also inevitable as part of our existence as human beings.

    It has been said, that war is an extension of politics and politics is an extension of war.

  • It is very dangerous indeed.

    Just think about it. Reporters are being assaulted on a daily basis for reporting information about politicians that they do not want revealed. Politicians and often political commentators are assassinated all around the world, such as JFK. You can easily get in legal trouble or even be exiled if you are an unpopular politician. In more totalitarian states, you could be imprisoned for life or executed for disagreeing with your leaders. Wars are waged over geopolitics, like the many expansionary wars we have had in the past, and many, many of them have been unspeakably deadly. The two world wars are the best examples of this.

    Politics is of course inevitable. We need governments and policies to keep society running smoothly. Still, it is a lie to call it safe.

  • Yes, it is.

    Politics is more dangerous for the public who live in the society in general, not the politicians themselves. If there were to be a war that happened in your country whom do you think gets to leave the country first because they are too "important" to lose and are "priority", the president/prime minister and the politicians of course. Then depending on whether you're still alive or not, they'll come out and get the rest of us mediocre people.

    They promise the people things that won't ever happen. Politics is dangerous and in the wrong hands, you're doomed.

  • For the most part, Yes

    ...But I wouldn't use the word "dangerous" to describe politics in general. "Dirty" is more of an appropriate word in this case. Almost all of these politicians have some sort of agenda. You know, everyone argues over Republicans vs. Democrats. I don't see the big difference. It's all a "Game" as far as I see it, and everyone loses in the end.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Understanding eliminates fear

    The amount of illiteracy in politics nearly eclipses society's illiteracy in science. I was myself, quite self disenfranchised as a teen because I didn't know about politics beyond the general fringe. Not until I became interested in poli-sci and studied international law, history, and the modern political structure did I gain an appreciation for politics. I now resolutely stand for voting in ever election that I'm eligible for, I view international events (such as Ukraine) in a much more composed way. Politics are changeable which is why faults are not overly worrisome, and humans are responsible for many of those faults. Politics is also not an entity but a tool, you can not blame a tool for how its creator uses it. Extending further many of the ways politics is corrupt only occurs on large scale in destabilized low education areas. Established nations have generally polished and smooth political systems compared to many countries. No one can deny the success of the Nordic country's political systems. Bottom line you cannot simply call politics evil to excuse yourself from actually knowing how it works, I did that for years and I was a c**t for doing it.

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