Do you believe that proper chakra alignment leads to better overall health?

  • Knowing chakra center controls the proper functioning of body system and organs

    Lets start with energy, What is energy, What is the role of energy in our body? Without energy there is no life. Our physical body needs energy, Needs the so called spirit. Now if the so called energy #spirit. Is in trouble, Or let say not in balance what will happen? What will happen to the center control? If the control is in trouble then what will happen to the body system? Organs? , . . . ? . . . Physical body and spiritual body is always and must always in the same level. . . Level which is both in good and perfect level. . For us to have a better health.

  • Yes, energy needs to be aligned.

    The eastern practice of aligning the chakras has to do with the energy of the universe as it funnels through the physical body. This energy is manifested in various parts of the body and aligning it just means paying attention to ensure that the various energy centers are working as they should, giving a person more well being.

  • Yes, I believe that proper chakra alignment leads to better overall health

    Even if you don't understand what chakra are or how to align them, the study of the metaphysical can only lead to an enhanced awareness of your body and your spirituality. And this enhanced awareness is bound to make you healthier, as you pay better attention to what you eat, how much you eat, your exercise and sleep habits, and other activities that contribute to or take away from good health.

  • Mind Over Matter

    I believe the proper chakra alignments can lead to better overall health. This is not a notion that is discussed often in American medicines or even alternative medicines but I do think it can be beneficial. I think the chakra system promotes mind over matter, which can help people in the end.

  • Does not matter

    No, I believe that these so called knots in the body and joints do not lead to better over all health if they are aligned or not. Most people will spend their whole life with no pain or medical problems that occur from these things being out of line in the body.

  • It means nothing

    It means nothing. Chakras, while in traditional Hindu culture, are not medically based in scientific fact. The methods of Chakra alignment, specifically the way people are supposed to live and the physical practices (yoga, healthy sexual activity etc.) are definitely healthy, the chakras part of things itself is not effective.

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