Do you believe that real Madrid is talented enough to win the world cup?

  • Yes, the team has worked hard enough to win the cup.

    Whether or not it's a matter of innate talent, Madrid has what it takes to win the world cup. I do believe that their talent is undeniable and the hard work that they put into their craft brings their talent into skill. The team has the skill it takes to win the World Cup.

  • They most definitely have the talent

    Real Madrid is talented all across the board. Not only do they have one of the top scorers in the world, their defense and starting goalie have shown time and time again that they can hold off teams until the offense can score. They have more depth off the bench than other teams too.

  • Yes, I beleive the real Madrid can win the world cup.

    Yes, I believe that the real Madrid is talented enough to win the world cup. The real Madrid is considered to be one of the biggest teams in the world. They are the ten-time champions of Europe. Their roster is filled with good players that can guide them to a world cup victory.

  • Real Madrid are a team not country

    The world cup is for countries not club teams. It is called the champions league. The world cup is every four years and for countries. At least make the title right. How can you not notice that THE WORLD CUP is not for team. Shaking my head. This is dumb

  • Talent alone is not enough

    The ultimate big spenders, Real Madrid inevitably splash out on top talent from around the world each and every summer.
    Their signings include the world's most expensive footballer, five of the top 10 priciest stars in the history of the game and their tendency to spend big bucks shows no signs of stopping.

    Some purchases have worked out while others have been big flops.

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