Do you believe that religion causes more war or more peace?

  • Religion IS war.

    Religion is the seed of most wars throughout history, and is still causing them today. Such petty nonsensical beliefs and fanatical devotion results in very deadly disagreements. The only way to achieve true peace, is to remove people's beliefs, to take opinion out of the equation, and adopt a purely Dionysian mindset.

  • So many wars start because of religion

    While I'm not blaming religion for everything wrong in this world, it is one of the main causes of most wars. If there was just one religion, it was be far more peaceful - as wars are fought over which religion is true or not. In my opinion, religion should not exist at all, because of all the violence and confusion it causes.

  • Religion causes death

    People who are deeply religious get deeply offended when their religion is challenged or insulted. Now imagine a whole group of people with guns getting offended from another group of people- or just a bunch of religious extremists with guns. These people will do anything to spread their religious views and kill anyone in their way. I believe the world would be a better place without religion, to be honest

  • Religion definitely causes more war.

    Throughout history wars have have been fought in the name of God or religion.Whether it was the crusades or more recent conflicts people have always tried to gain territory in the name of their particular God and are convinced that God is on their side no matter how many of their enemies die.

  • Religion has caused so much war and death.

    Every war that we know of has had some version of religious ideology attached to it. Religion can inspire people to do great things, but as is often the case, it often causes people to lose perspective of reality and tip over into zealotry. The entire terrorist problem in the Middle East is an example.

  • I believe religion causes more war

    When you look at history or even modern society you see religion is the one common thread. Religion is also at the rote of most acts of terrorism. War is not just physical and to believe in one religion means you are IDEOLOGICALLY at war with some one who believes in a different religion

  • I believe that religion causes more war.

    I believe that religion causes more war. Throughout history wars have been started over religion. Religion can make the most level headed person engage in violence. Some religions even promote violence against people who do not believe in that same religion. Countries have been divided by war over their difference in religious beliefs.

  • Religion tears apart countries, true. But it also tears apart families.

    Imagine, if you will, a family that has been part of the sect of Judeo-Christianity; a particularly virulent strand. The child grows up into an environment where even the existence of LGBT is frowned upon, let alone giving them rights.
    Now imagine that kid is bi.
    They are confused. They have nowhere to turn, really. "Should they feel this way?" "Am I going to Hell?" "Why, is this religion that is supposed to be accepting of all peoples and cultures, so very opposed to the idea of loving anyone, when the key idea is to love everyone?" Maybe they have other things to deal with too. Things they're afraid to talk about because of this breach of trust. Maybe they let it bottle up. And maybe, just maybe, they can't take it anymore.
    Maybe, they commit suicide.
    Now imagine that kid is your kid.
    Not so alien to you anymore, is it?

  • Without religion, it'll be worse!

    Many peaceniks were or are religious. John Lennon sings in His song 'Imagine':

    Imagine there's no Heaven...
    No Hell below us...
    And no religion, too.

    John DID have a religion -- not a recognised, but He still had one!

    Look at those communist countries like USSR and China. USSR banned religion and it fell apart. China has almost half its people non-religious and it's in a bad shape.

    Holy books such as Qur'an and Bible said all good stuff, like it's a sin to kill, steal, cheat, fornicate, abuse animals, pornography, and other. True, religions did cause war, but a non-religious planet would look like bloody chaos! Some religions, such as Islam, say to kill infidels and hypocrites, but it would be worse with them, than without. Those 'infidels and hypocrites' means barbarians that cause torture for little reason.

  • Look at the facts.

    "Religion has been the biggest cause of war" is actually a false claim. The Encyclopedia of Wars catalogues that less than 7% of all wars in recorded history had any sort of religious causes. And even in the wars that are "religious", there were and still are many other factors. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Troubles (in Belfast), 9/11, and whatever else is on the list all involved either politics, money, territory, economy, or all the above. In the documentary "Blue Gold", which catalogues water conflict in India, a hydrologist claims "many wars are only presented as religious. But in reality, they are fundamentally over resources." Religion doesn't actually cause war, people only appeal to religious differences to justify a war. And if they can't appeal to religion, they have always appealed to every other intangible asset. The only reason why religion is singled out as "the cause of war" is because it is used to create a scapegoat for everybody else to put the blame on. It's a textbook hasty-generalization. That same kind of thinking is what caused racism and xenophobia, so should we blame races for racism and nationalities for xenophobia? Then don't blame war on religion either. May we all live in peace.

  • Religion Causes More Peace

    Religion is the essence of morals, of self-improvement, of always trying to be a better person for the better met of the world. Some are mis-lead, but I have walked through public streets, I have talked with religious people, whether Islamic, Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist, and I can say they do not wish to harm, they do not wish to lie, they do not wish to do wrong.
    I've learned both on a moral level and philosophic level many things from various religions. Knowing more is good and all, but being more is better.

  • Religion Causes More Peace

    While religion has caused countless wars and bloodshed, it has caused more peace as a whole. The fact of the matter is that religion keeps people happy and peaceful more often than not. Religion is a stable pillar for many people that prevents them from acting out violently against others in many cases.

  • Religion Causes Peace

    While religion is known for starting wars throughout history, it actually maintains the peace in many case today. Religions keep people organized and happy more often than not. That means these people are far less likely to wage war on some other group for some reason or another. Therefore, religion maintains the peace.

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