• Religion should never be forced upon others.

    People should be allowed to choose their own religion without being harassed for their decision. People should also not judge others based on their religion. People are people. Acts define a person, not the differences between you and them. Religion is one of thing that I believe everyone should have freedom in deciding for themselves.

  • Yes, religion should not be forced upon others

    One of our most valuable rights is the freedom of religious beliefs and to allow others to practice their religion or non-belief. It is important to continue respecting the choices that others make as long as it does not harm anyone else. Religious beliefs are personal and can not be controlled or regulated.

  • People should be free to believe what they want.

    It's hard to say which religion is most accurate, if any of them are even to be believed. No person should be allowed to force religion upon another. You cannot make someone believe something that they just don't want to believe in. All people should be free to believe in whatever they so choose, even if others don't agree with it.

  • Yes, the religion is a matter of choice

    Yes, if a person wants to believe in aliens and not to believe in God, nor Allah, nor Buddha, then it is fine. As long as the person doesn't endanger others, it is upon his free will to decide on the religious matters. Everything which was forced upon the people ended up in a bloodshed.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, i agree. I strongly believe that religion should not be forced upon others. This is because everyone has his/her preferences. Therefore forcing someone to change their religion will not make them love the religion but hate it. We should be given the right to worship and worship the God that we believe in. We should not judge others.

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