Do you believe that Richie Incognito is a bully?

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  • Please get informed

    I believe that the people who argue that Richie is not a bully are those who are not well informed about what exactly he was doing. They simply think that they are adults, they are football players, and they are tough. Richie was not just giving his teammate wedgies at practice. He was being very disrespectful and scary in multiple ways. I don’t care who you are or what your profession is, no one should be allowed to threaten to kill someone or kill someone without being punished for it. This is not the first time Richie has gotten in trouble either, that should be enough evidence for someone to realize this guy needs help.

  • Under the definition, he is.

    A person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

    Incognito did just that, and called Martin racial slurs. If Incognito was just "horsing around", he wouldn't have provoked that harsh of a reaction from Martin. Ultimately, Martin was upset at what Incognito did, and if he truly was "horsing around", Martin wouldn't be upset as he is now.

  • Words so harsh should not be admitted!

    Richie Incognito. To say his name disgusts me. As a minority myself, I can completely understand Martin for leaving that kind a workplace. He was degraded and if Incognito was the "friend" he says he is then he would have realized the he was degrading his "friend". It is truly incredible that everyone is blowing it off as if one word from this man will completely fix the emotional damage that was caused! I hope that he is forced to leave and I hope that Martin will get his side of the story and find peace in his new place of residence.

  • Martin is a team mate, not a school boy.

    While rookie "hazing" has always been a part of professional sports, the line in the sand has to be drawn at some point. You will often hear about veterans of an organization reminisce on the rookie treatment that they received, and how they will say that it bonds teams together while adding a lighter tough to welcoming an individual to the club. However, the actions taken by Richie Incognito were downright mean and offensive, bothering Martin to the point where he was forced to leave the club. This is football, not middle school. Grow up Richie.

    Posted by: RS1
  • Hard to tell

    There is so much information out there right now I don't know what to believe. So far though Incognito definitely seems like a jerk and a thug, a bully that is hard to say. He can't deny that he was racist to Martin. He also threatened him, that to me seems more like a thug. Martin isn't so innocent either, apparently he also sent some threatening texts to Incognito, is that out of retaliation? Can't say with the current information, but Martin also sounds like a jerk. If I were the Miami Dolphins, I would question the leadership of the team (Apparently Incognito was a "team leader") and cut both Martin and Incognito. The Dolphins still have a chance to make the playoffs, but they need to get rid of any distractions if they want to.

  • Yes, his behavior is inexcusable.

    Yes, Richie Incognito is a bully, because he demanded things, including large sums of money from new players. Incognito sent the message to children that bullying still exists, even on the highest level. His actions were intimidating to new players, who only want a chance to make it on the highest levels.

  • State the Obvious

    Richie Incognito is a man who thinks he has the authority to boss people who he believes are under him around. He's a person, who in a life-or-death situation would give everyone else up as a sacrifice. He is a bully. He is a bully and a liar be saying he isn't.

  • I'm pretty sure

    Haven't you seen what or heard what Richie incognito has been doing to a hopeless Jonathan Martin. First of all he has been calling him weird names and encouraging his other teammates to do that to. Now it is just stupid that he would even call his own teammate a name.

  • Nope, just a joke!

    All he was intending for was it to be a joke. He really is a good man and on espn all his team mates came out and said just that. He wasn't trying to be mean and people are so sensitive these days. They are adults and playing professional football and people think he is a bully. Now that s funny!

    Posted by: Ctrl
  • "Bully" is bogus

    This made up crisis is proof positive that the NFL is the new target of the political correct crowd. It's just so funny, the idea of an NFL player being bullied, but it's scary that so few people are laughing.

    I can hear lefties hyperventilating right now, any that read this post. "but, but.... Linebackers have feelings too, you know! You're so INSENSITIVE mr nesl!"

  • Not at all. If you play football, you expect trash talk and rough language.

    While he might have chosen his words more carefully in this hyper sensitive environment of political correctness and professional victimhood, I don't see what incognito did as THAT bad.

    Yeah, the racist commentary was a bit much, but seriously, its the NFL - you know, the same place where men end up brain damaged after a few seasons and everyone from Anheuser Bush to Viagra makes a killing in the advertising yet doesn't spend a dime to researching brain injuries? If you're willing to sign on for THAT level of abuse for the short-long term riches that will follow, seriously, get over it.

  • Bullying? Really? Come on guys.

    He used a taboo word. He didn't cause any emotional scarring that will change Martin for the rest of his life on a psychological level, where he will need to get psychiatric help. Martin is a grown man, and the question of bullying shouldn't even be brought up. He even said that he just had things going on in his life. It was a timing thing and the weight of the world was a social thing.

  • There Are Two Sides To Every Story

    As this story has developed players from the Dolphins have stepped out and voiced the truth behind this subject. Even quaterback Ryan Tannehill has stepped out and said that Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin were best friends and that before the story Richie and Jonathan relied on eachother everytime they were in need. As for Tannehill's opinion and the reliability of his word. These are the men Ryan is trusting with his safety, i doubt he would lie on this subject.

  • No he is a man

    Just because he said a couple bad things does not make him a bully but threatening to kill his family is wrong but the whole locker locker-room said that they were friends and he doesn't tell his team mates that he is getting harassed. Instead of going right to the media instead of his locker-room team mates

  • No, he is just very immature

    All I can say is have you seen the video of him in the restaurant? What kind of idiot rips his shirt off in a restaurant and prances around in a circle trying to look tough. He thinks he is cool but I could only laugh and believe he has some kind of issue with his self confidence.

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Technicallyderped says2013-11-13T16:42:30.283
This is harassment, not bullying. :P