• Yes, Ricki Lake's weight loss was achieved the healthy way

    Ricki Lake reportedly achieved her weight loss by adhering to a diet plan that limited her caloric intake to around 1200 calories a day and adding some exercise to her life. She dropped some weight while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, and continued her weight loss after the show was over. Limiting calories and exercising is a healthy way to lose weight.

  • Yes I do

    Yes, I think that he had a lot of help and guidance from professionals during his diet, and I think that he did use healthy ways to lose all of the weight that he did. I think that what he did needs to be seen as an inspiration by a lot.

  • Yes, I believe Ricky Lake's weight loss was achieved in a healthy way.

    I believe Ricky Lake was able to lose weight in a legitimate and healthy way by dieting and exercising on a regular schedule. I don't believe that she took any pills or underwent any surgery to make the weight go down artificially, I believe it was all above board and healthy.

  • She had help.

    Yes, I believe that Ricky Lake's weight loss was achieved the healthy way, because she had a great deal of trainers to help her. Ricky Lake had a limitless amount of time, and also athletic trainers to help her work out, and nutritionists to help her eat properly. With all of that help, we could all lose weight.

  • Yes, I do.

    When Ricky Lake was loosing weight and when she reached her weight loss goals, she looked healthy. It did not look like crash dieting or anything of the sort. There, to me, was nothing to indicate that she was going about her weight loss in any way besides counting calories and exercise.

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