• Isn't this fact?

    I mean, Russia has taken full control of Crimea, whenever another country takes control of a part of another country, that's called an invasion, I really hope Russia wins though, due to the fact that Putin made an anti-gay law, I am now on his side throughout all Russian wars.

  • Russia is trying to invade Ukraine

    Russia is trying to invade Ukraine and at the moment, it may seem like not. They are slowly planning to invade Ukraine or to see how much they can get away with. Putin is not happy that Ukraine wants to work with the European Union, and he will do everything in his power to take back Ukraine to their former Soviet era.

  • Russia is trying to invade Ukraine

    It is my opinion that Russia is trying to invade Ukraine. The escalating conflict between these two nations has reached a point where a full-scale war is quite possible. I feel that if the conflict is not resolved soon then Russia will succeed in invading the less powerful country of Ukraine.

  • Yes, Russia is trying to invade Ukraine.

    I think that there is no doubt that Russia is trying to invade the Ukraine. Russia has already taken over some of the territory in the Ukraine. Russia interested in trying to take over the country since it is something they still believe should belong to the country of Russia.

  • I believe Russia is trying to invade the Ukraine

    I believe Russia is trying to invade the Ukraine. They have stationed troops in Crimea, which is a part of the Ukraine. They desire the Sevastopol port. The Ukraine is a sovereign nation and no other nation has the right to land troops within its boundaries when the Ukraine does not desire them to be there. I would not be surprised if the Ukraine attacked the Russian troops to remove them, or the Russians attack the Ukraine. Either case results in a war. Russia has already technically invaded the Ukraine by sending troops into Crimea without authorization.

  • Nope, I dont think so.

    They own shares in the Ukrainian government, it is thus fairly obvious to expect the Russians to want to protect their assets, when the Ukraine is about to fall into difficulty.
    Do your research people, stop spamming nonsensical posts from what clearly looks like one person on different accounts. Let actual people comment on this instead of this clear bias. This will be reported as an unfair post.

  • Russia does not invade Ukraine, no way.

    The picture that is displayed on top of this page was taken in russia but not in Ukraine. Study first russian history before jumping to a conclusion. Russia gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954. Eastern Ukraine is also Russian land that was given to Ukraine in 1920. That is why many Russian people live and always lived in those territories. Study the history first. Ukraine is the mother of Russia. Ukraine and Russia is one family.

  • The 4 who voted yes: all the same person

    The 4 who voted yes are clearly all the same person. Identical writing style. Do western propaganda merchants come this far? Don't doubt it.

    Russia is not trying to invade anyone. They ALREADY have an established presence in the Crimea and a military base in Sevastopol.

    The instigator in his third fake post tries to make out that they have JUST stationed troops in Crimea and they are going to somehow siege the Sevastopol port which is just nonsense as theyve had this military base and Russian troops there for donkeys years.

    " Russia has already technically invaded the Ukraine by sending troops into Crimea without authorization."
    An explicit request by the legitimate president of Ukraine was made to Russia ASKING for military support to help resume law and order before he was ousted in this extremely violent coup in which the neo nazi's who have taken over are already responsible for numerous deaths of innocent people. The illigitimate rulers who have assumed power after being funded by the west to the tune of $5bn, are now predictably having their words beamed all around the world by the same western media and intelligence assets who funded and organised the coup.

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