• Yes, I do think they are motivational

    I think one of my favorite ones is "The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality". I come from a single parent family and my mother raised me. I am all for equality, my mother finished her masters and took care of us, better than my father ever did. If she didn't have that chance she would have just gave up on life. woman are just as equal as men in every way and form.

  • Yes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes are motivational.

    Quotes taken from somebody such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg can definitely be thought of as motivational for some people. I think that it does depend on the individual but there are always a difference of opinions. Motivation can always be found in such things such as quotes, but it depends on how it is interpreted.

  • No, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes are not motivational.

    No, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes are not motivational because they are not breaking any new ground on something that has not been said before. On top of that, the delivery has to be just right to make a quote motivation. A motivational quote used at the wrong time becomes less than what it could have been even if the meaning is the same.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I do think that her quotes are motivational, and that a lot of people out there look at them to get a little motivation in their everyday life. I think that she is a very smart woman, and that she knows how to get people up on their feet.

  • She doesn't like our constitution.

    No, I do not believe that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes are motivational, because she has said some things that would indicate that she doesn't really like our country very much. Ginsburg even once said that the South African Constitution is better than the constitution of the United States. She is not supportive of what we believe in.

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